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In this project, we took 50 samples from the Reddit TL;DR dataset, and asked human labelers to do two things:

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  2. Generation. Next, as a more active task, we asked them to create a TL;DR of their own.
We hope this gives insight into the quality of the Reddit TL;DR dataset, and surfaces novel ways to leverage human intelligence in training AI.

TL;DR #1

Worst customer service came from EA Origin believe it or not. I got double charged for a game I bought there and tried to explain to the people working there what happened and how it could have happened (i did press submit/buy twice really fast by accident). They weren't having none of it and accused me of trying to swindle them out of money, in their really shitty Hinglish (hindi-english). I tried explaining to the guy that the game didn't even cost that much and he said "you western people are all the same, always wanting more money" I agreed with him and said his employers are the prime example of that stereotype. I posted this experience on EA's forum and I was told the person who i connected to wasn't 'with them anymore'. I don't know if that was code for "we took him round the back and shot him in the head" or "we've fired him", but i was glad that call centre dirt had been terminated. They also offered to send me free Mass effect 3 merchandise to try and buy me out, all i had to was agree to a normal looking terms & agreements sheet. On closer inspection the terms stipulated i never talk about my experience with EA again on any public forum. I declined by sending the troll face to them and telling them how mad they were. Now i post this story every time the occasion calls for it.

tl;dr EA is the worst, most racist gaming company ever and they give 65% of their profits to fund terrorist organisations. If you don't believe me, ask yourself why they have never denied this allegation.
IronShaikh in /r/AskReddit

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Poor The summary makes an edgy joke about terrorism that isn't in the original and doesn't explain why the author is made at EA.

Poor The summary accuses EA of funding terrorism, which is not something that was mentioned at all in their post.

Poor The TL;DR has content that doesn't exist in the original post.

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tl;dr EA double-charged me for a game, then their CS representative was rude, racist, and hard to understand. When I complained on EA's forum, they said he was gone, but then tried to bribe me into signing at NDA with some crappy merchandise (obviously I declined).
tl;dr EA Customer service is bad, they wouldn't help me with my problem, were rude, and when I posted about it they tried to buy my silence with merch. Instead I talk about it whenever I can.
tl;dr Hindu guy acts racist towards me, I report him and probably got him fired, but the company still tried to silence me by bribing me. Not going to happen, man.

TL;DR #2

Cassel also took over Brady's best team ever and Painter/Collins etc. took over one of Manning's worst teams ever. Also, the Patriots won 18 games the year prior, not 16, so it's a 7 game drop off, not 5. Also, that same Colts team managed to go 11-5 the next year with a rookie QB in Luck throwing 18 picks and completing 54.1% of his passes. Also, as much as people hate to believe it, "Suck for Luck" was a thing. Also, Matt Cassel was still a starter this year, something none of the Colts' backups to Manning could say. It's not like he was just some schlub that only looked good for that year, he made the Pro Bowl with KC.

tl;dr Your argument is invalid for a number of reasons, all of which I've listed above.
PassionVoid in /r/nfl

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Poor The TL;DR is hardly a TL;DR and is essentially saying "You're wrong, read my full comment if you want to know why".

Poor The summary does a poor job of summarizing the main post, as the summary basically offers a conclusion and asks readers to refer back to the main post.

Poor The TL;DR has none of the original content and instead references the original content, completely negating the purpose of a TL;DR.

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tl;dr There are multiple variables regarding this that are often overlooked. Cassel got lucky regarding the choices he made in his early career.
tl;dr Cassel did a lot better than Painter/Collins etc only because Cassel took over Brady's best team ever while Painter/Collins etc. took over one of Manning's worst ever teams.
tl;dr Cassel took over a pro team and dropped off, while Painter/Collins took over a suck team and improved.

TL;DR #3

Ignoring the feminist-friendly speech of the poster (White, privileged male? Come now.) Personally, I feel he's making mountains out of molehills. So some douchbag masturbated at you. How has that physically hurt or affected you? People masturbate to other people all the fucking time . You just happened to see it this one time. It's probably happened before, and it's possible it might happen again. How has this changed your life for the worse? You "felt violated"? No, you just made an issue of some jerk acting like a baboon in a cage. And that

tl;dr is ridiculous. "The closest you can come to death"? Bullshit again. I've come close to death before, and unless your rapist held a knife at your throat or a gun at your temple, you've felt nothing, buddy boy. Nothing .
Arizth in /r/MensRights

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Poor This isn't really a TL;DR, he just sort of put it literally in the middle of the sentence in the middle of his rant. I guess everything that appears after the "TL;DR" is congruous with what comes before it, but it isn't a summary. It's almost like it appeared there by accident.

Poor There's nothing about the person masturbating to someone in the tl;dr, leaving out the justification for what the person says in response.

Poor The TL;DR talks about being raped and the post talks about "being masturbated at." It also doesn't mention anything about feeling close to death. Someone reading the TL;DR would think they are making an argument they didn't making the post.

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tl;dr people masturbate at other people all the time, and you seeing it this one time isn't ruining your life. You're being hypersensitive, get over it.
tl;dr Someone masturbated at you, and you got upset and overreacted. It happens all the time and probably will again, but it doesn't hurt you.
tl;dr Someone masturbating at you is not a big deal; people do it all the time and you just saw it this time. Boo-hoo, stop making such a big deal out of nothing.

TL;DR #4

Define "legitimate photo school" In my opinion leaving a 4 year school with a BFA in Photography is not worth it. I did it and it was painful. I am fortunate to have graduated debt free but I know that is not the case for 99% of my classmates. Most people who come out of school assist for a decent amount of time anyway. My suggestion: Take enough classes to make you realize that a great path into commercial photography (if thats what you want to do) is assisting in a major city. I did not know this going into school and wish I had. There are very few professions that work like photography, most "require" a degree in something. In any school you will quickly see finding teachers that have real world experience as successful DIGITAL photographers is hard to find. And it makes sense, a successful commercial photographer making six figures a year is not going to be found making 3 grand a quarter teaching adjunct. Some exceptions to this can be found but it is not common. And to the credit of the Art Institute they do have successful alumni. Look at the interviews of the PDN 30 from this year if you are curious about different routes to success.

tl;dr Good photographers can come from art schools and BFA programs. These people are super determined and hard workers; they make their own success.
the1ed in /r/photography

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Poor His TL;DR was that you good photographers come from BFA programs and are hard workers, but his overarching point in the post seemed to be that the degree was unnecessary and the most valuable thing you can do is just assist on photography sets in large cities. He doesn't talk about the value or skill level of the graduates at all as it relates to their school experience.

Poor They miss the point about art school degrees being mostly unnecessary.

Poor This summary is missing the main point of this post, which is that there are better paths towards becoming a professional photographer than going to college to major in photography. The original post didn't really make the point being made in this TL;DR either.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr I don't think the photography degree is worth it, since the most relevant experience is assisting in a big city anyway and most photography professors don't have recent experience as digital photographers
tl;dr It's entirely possible to become a great photographer without a four-year art school degree.
tl;dr going to college to study photography isn't work it. Most people end up with a lot of debt and less valuable experience than you could get assisting established professional photographers.

TL;DR #5

In all honesty, I work at a restaurant/bar and had some old chap walk out on two pints of Rickard's Red. Imagine an elderly man, with friendly, non-imposing chit-chat about how great the weather is, given a receipt for his two drinks and just leaving his seat. He simply walks past the manager and says "Thank you!" at any further attempt to get him to pay for his drinks. I've been wanting to show this video to a colleague, just never remembered what to look for when I needed to.

tl;dr I've witnessed the character above, given thirty years, and I wanted to show this video to some coworkers.
epahds in /r/videos

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Poor Contains irrelevant information and is a poor summary of the main post.

Poor The tl;dr does not include information about the elderly man leaving without paying.

Poor The TLDR doesn't reference the text provided in the passage, instead it is provided as a response to another message in the conversation. In this case, the TLDR provided is not intended to be a summary of the provided text; the provided text is used to provide context to the user's response in the Reddit conversation.

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tl;dr As a bar worker had a friendly, elderly man walk on two pints, ignoring attempts to get him to pay. I wanted to show this video to a colleague but keep forgetting what to search for.
tl;dr while working at a bar an elderly man walked out on his tab. I’ve been meaning to look for the video but keep forgetting.
tl;dr old people can get away with anything

TL;DR #6

As /u/Malphael said, you only seem right about is team composition. And that is balance issue, as well as the fact that game is still very young, people need time to figure shit out. But, how on earth can you say that you cannot outplay the other team? That is like the silliest statement ever. Team fight is team fight, and everything can happen. And if u win it decisively, even when 2lvls behind, you have probably turned a game around, at least in my experience. I even think it is a bit too easy to throw/comeback here. I mean fuck, I've had games where we were way ahead for 20 min, fuck up then, and just lose. Same the other way around. I mean fuck, lvl difference is a big thing when your lvl advantage/disadvantage gives you a talent more/less than the opposing team, other than that it is just stats, and if you look at the numbers I'm pretty sure you will find that is not SUCH a big deal, and that you most definitely can outplay the other dudes. Oh, also, the underdog exp system. So yeah... So yeah, stop this bullshit plz, we dont need this here, there are already enough dudes who cry "GG we lost" at lvl 4, and the fact is that what happens that early at can certainly be overcome later on in the game. And also, you LET them TAKE a lead, so you it is your fault and you should play form behind. It is just the way competitive games work.

tl;dr this game has the most comeback potential in the market, you are just being mad and unreasonable. P.S. Oh and there are no levels past 40, so you couldn't have played with lvl 40+ dudes. And Hero league rank also does not mean shit so even if you thought that, it is sill an invalid argument.
MavenSRB in /r/heroesofthestorm

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Poor It doesn't have to be that long. The user is also being toxic.

Poor The TL;DR here doesn't really talk about anything he mentioned in the comment (which was mostly about level matching in a game). The TL;DR seems to be just a separate paragraph for him to yell at the person he's responding to and seems to reference that person's comment rather than anything said in this comment.

Poor The TL;DR doesn't summarize any points of the post and instead acts as a conclusion that essentially says "You're wrong and emotional".

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr The game has great comeback potential. LvL difference is a big deal.
tl;dr the game is young so of course there are balance issues but you can outplay the other team at pretty much any lvl if your team is good
tl;dr The game is young, outplaying is possible because team composition and player skill is still a thing.

TL;DR #7

they're generally irrelevant to Steam sales to begin with. 4/5's is 80% of the worlds 7.2 billion population (5.76 billion) People less likely to give a shit about Steam Sale; -Elderly account for 20% of the worlds Population. (1.44 billion) -People without internet access to begin with. (3 billion) -Children under 14 make up 1/3rd of the worlds population (2.376 billion) That grand total makes up approximately 6.816 billion people, leaving only a difference of 1.056 billion people who might give a shit about Steam sales and/or cards. Steam has a total of 75 million users; 1% of the worlds population, out of my 1.056 that leaves 30.6 million people who don't give a shit about steam, who might have given a shit. This also approximates 3% of those whom I totaled as "gave a shit" 1/5's of the worlds population is 1.4billion, which instantly cuts out ~400 million people who wont even give a shit about steam to begin with. Then contrast that vs the chances that they're even a steam user to begin with, paired with the Likelihood ratio of Technology users begetting further technology (ie: Smartphones, Consoles, tablets, etc). I approximate that 93% of steam users have access to a smart phone. and While 7% of steam users still accounts for 5.25 million people. Lets be serious here... 75million steam users is inflated as it is, with events like Payday 2's crimefest, at least 750,000 dupe accounts were made to reach the goal amount which artificially inflates the amount of Steam accounts valve can claim they have.

tl;dr its 1 week to 2015... if you're part of the PC master race and don't have a Cell Phone by now, I applaud you for managing to stay off the grid. Or at least for having your Gaming priorities above communication.
Reilly149 in /r/Steam

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Poor The post has nothing to do with cell Phones or even PCs, it talks about how many people could possibly be interested in buying something off Steam based on rough mathematical calculations that eliminate who in the world would not be interested.

Poor The TLDR here makes a conclusion without summarizing the provided text, it's provided as a punch-line to the rambling and largely incoherent text provided.

Poor The summary doesn't get across the main idea that steam is important for a very small portion of the population and it's interest is greatly inflated.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr Based on the amount of the world's population with access to technology and interest in gaming, 75 million is a gross inflation of what could realistically be unique Steam accounts/users.
tl;dr most Steam users probably have a cell phone
tl;dr The number in the population interested in Steam is quite low. The number interested in Steam is inflated.

TL;DR #8

Hello! I've just went throw greenlight less than a month ago, we have our game with 7 levels out of 40. (For you to know how unfinished it is). We got greenlight in 5 days. I think the key for the greenlight was a good hype for it. We made bi weekly devlog 3 months before the greenlight, and the week we published we created hype over our social networks, so people will know when we will be launching the campaign. We got the traffic internal and external, due to our hype we were able to reach 50% to the top 100 in less than 12hours, we also make it to the front page.

tl;dr Have a good trailer, even if it's not finished and if you do not show all levels. Create some expectation for it, even if you have a small community. Have a good page, so people will see that you care. Personally I think that if you have a working demo (no crashing demos or weird bugs, but something that will show the gameplay) Personally advice, if you can do them, add as much languages as possible. We got a lot of votes due to that (we will port to console so we will need the languages) BTW can u send me a PM with a link so I can check ur game :)?
ratalaika in /r/gamedev

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Poor The summary does not summarize the main post at all but instead provides provides advice on game developing that is not at all present in the main post.

Poor The summary isn't really a summary of the post. It's a detailing of some parts that weren't in the post and its as long as the post.

Poor The TL;DR is on the same topic (game releases), but it makes completely different points than the original post, which doesn't talk about demos at all.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr Our game, with 7 levels out of 40 completed, got greenlit in 5 days. The key to getting a greenlight is to generate good hype for our game.
tl;dr : all you need to get through Steam Greenlight is good publicity and market hype, I released an incomplete game and it hit the top 100 page in less than a day.
tl;dr Our game was just greenlit despite being very unfinished (only 7/40 levels), and we got huge amounts of traffic thanks to creating lots of hype on social media.

TL;DR #9

I really don't get the point of the article. So what if people feel alienated when their games are made easier or dumbed down? Is that a bad thing? The author seems to take that for granted. For me, it seems like a perfectly good opinion to have. That some games are difficult to master can be one of the very points of the gaming experience, especially for games like Megaman. If anyone can play through them and see the ending, some value is lost.

tl;dr My inherent attitude after reading this is "uhm.. so what?". And yes, I fit right into this "elitist" group. Not for all games, but some games.
Madsy9 in /r/gaming

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Poor The summary does not touch on anything that the main post states.

Poor The summary gives his or her own opinion instead of summarizing that of the post writer.

Okay This captures the main point but is ever so slightly unclear, it also adds a detail about "not for all games" that isn't really there.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr People are right to complain about games being made easier or dumbed down, because difficulty in mastering a game is part of the gaming experience, and something is lost when anyone is able to easily play through the game and see the ending.
tl;dr The writer believes that mastering games that are difficult is an important gaming experience.
tl;dr This article disregards the opinions of those who feel that difficulty in games can be part of their appeal, and that it's okay for players to feel slighted when they're dumbed down.

TL;DR #10

I live in Texas. Every entry level job I can get is a 1099. I'd gladly take real employment if anyone were still offering that, but it's simply not available. Caveat emptor is fine for luxury goods, but I don't think it's right in a developed, civilized society that people should need to lawyer up to find out whether their prospective employer is exploiting loopholes in employment law that let them lay anyone off at any time. Besides, when entire states push their 'right to work' laws to leech jobs from states that still protect workers' rights, you're left without any tolerable choices.

tl;dr we're discussing how bad working conditions and job security have become for most entry level positions in many states today, and your response boils down to "why don't you just get a better job?"
solistus in /r/science

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Poor The TL;DR doesn't go over the post at all. It's a conclusion, not a TL;DR.

Okay The TLDR addresses the user's frustration expressed in the passage, but instead of summarizing the text, it serves as a continuation of the conversation with another Reddit user. A reader of the TLDR could intuit the user's meaning, but would not be able to understand the information from the passage without reading the full post.

Poor The tldr doesn't really read as a summary, more like a jab at a user. It doesn't summarize the post.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr Working conditions make it where I can only get 1099 jobs where I have to worry if my employer is using contract employees just so they can deny them rights official employees would have.
tl;dr Right to work makes finding entry level positions that treat employee's fairly too difficult; every entry level job I can find in Texas is a contract position.
tl;dr : Texas entry level jobs are exploitative and have poor conditions. The only jobs I can find are 1099s.

TL;DR #11

I'm not sure if this will help at all, but I've found that listening in to the conversations that are going on around me lets me find people to introduce myself to, and contribute a joke or just hear their weird idea. Like, say a pair are talking about pickles or something. I know I can talk about pickles, so next step I take it gauge their body language. Are they facing the crowd, facing away, leaving space open, is it just small talk or are they in a serious argument about the pickles? Unless they feel like they're really into each other, then that's a perfect time to go up, (I prefer to approach from an open side, giving them room and leaving myself an exit), and say something about having overheard their conversation topic, and that you're really interested in it, or think it's cool and wanna hear what they think about it. Normally, people are VERY happy to do most of the talking, so they'll usually absorb you into the pairing and chat away with you. When you feel a lull in the energy of the conversation, that's when I try to get a way to make the other person laugh or smile, and then get their name/give them mine again. That doesn't do too much for a one-time meeting, but it does help establish you in their minds as someone who makes them feel good/important/interesting, and they'll be more likely to include you when they see you in social settings.

tl;dr Make em laugh/smile, keep it short for first meeting and brush yer teeth.
Non_Social in /r/socialskills

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Okay The summary does not state this is how you should act in group settings. The summary is satisfactory in telling you how to act in general.

Poor The summary includes some of the key points from the main post, but misses others. It is clear but uses dissimilar language to the main post.

Poor It's too concise and leaves out too much information to provide enough of a good summary.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr Be yourself and know how to read the room when in a group.
tl;dr Listen to their conversation, talk about that topic. When there's a lull make them laugh or smile and exchange names.
tl;dr Listen to the conversation, look for welcoming body language, then approach and try to be funny.

TL;DR #12

When I was a kid, I always went hunting with my dad with my B.B. gun. One trip I shot at a few things and hit nothing but air. On our way home, in frustration, I hip shot at a squirrel that was chirping. I laughed as I claimed that he was making fun of me. I shit you not that bullet his the squirrel right between the eyes, brains spilling out like a busted pimple. The squirrel stopped saying anything, fell down but hooked onto the tree still with his back paws, and started having spasms. It fell from branch to branch, never stopping the shudder until it his the ground with a low "thud". All we could hear was the branches and leaves shuffling from the vibrations of the squirrel in his final death throws. We watched the whole spectacle in silence and as everything went quiet my dad looked at me and just said "don't tell mom". We never spoke of that again and I never went hunting ever again. Come to think of it, there are quite a few "don't tell mom" moments. Like the other time we went hunting, and he fired at a deer from a parked truck. Mind you, I was in that truck, and he shot off a 30-06. He did warn me to plug my ears though, and he got that deer. That was more of a "don't tell anyone" moment though. He also killed a 21 point 2000+ lbs moose with a single shot at 40 yards, right through the heart.

tl;dr My dad's actually kind of badass now that I think of it.

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Poor The summary does a bad job of summarizing the main post. The summary is a basically a comment about the poster's father, whereas the main post was about examples of "don't tell mom" and "don't tell anyone" moments.

Poor The summary is nothing but irrelevant information (my dad's a badass isn't mentioned anywhere in the main post).

Okay It's too general to be great. It should mention hunting or guns or something, at least, to let the reader know the context of why he's a badass.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr Once I went hunting with my father and shot a squirrel dead with a B.B. gun. Another time my father shot and kill a deer from inside a parked truck; both are "don't tell mom" and/or "don't tell anyone" moments.
tl;dr Went hunting with my dad as a kid and hip shot a squirrel from a tree and he told me to not tell mom. Never went hunting again, but the other time we went hunting he shot a deer and that was a "don't tell anyone" moment.
tl;dr There's been so many "don't tell mom" moments hunting with my dad. He's such a badass.

TL;DR #13

What would you say if instead of multicopter we called it 10 lbs of whirling death falling from the sky... Deploying anything overhead has risk, remote control aircraft that may fall out of the sky for any number of failures(even those with return to home or self deploying parachutes) is quite risky. Falling from the sky has a nice figure, 9.8m/s/s. which is the acceleration an object has until it reaches its terminal velocity or meets another object(ground, car, 2 year old child, crate of puppies etc). So the first second it falls is 22mph, the next 44mph, 66mph etc until it smashes into something.

tl;dr flying over any area you cant see risks harming others
readcard in /r/Multicopter

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Okay The original talks about the risk to other people but says nothing about flying over an unseen area.

Poor The summary gets the general idea, but got one of the key details wrong and missed another key detail.

Okay The post reads mainly as a salty/snide commentary on drones and the tldr is more like a conclusion than a comprehensive summary. It gets the point across but its certainly lacking.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr Multicopters that fail and fall out of the sky will hurt someone below.
tl;dr the risk of using remote control aircraft is high, since they can fail for a number of reasons and cause death and destruction when they drop.
tl;dr : flying objects can and do malfunction and drop out of the sky. When they do, they can hit important things. Don't fly where you can't see.

TL;DR #14

I used to laugh at the idea of "men's rights" but after actually looking into the issues, and after my crazy ex spread all sorts of abuse stories about me after I apologized to her for speaking harshly after she left me for a friend, I've come to the conclusion that (at least in America) there is an almost Harrison Bergeron-like drive for forced "equality" that in reality just gives one group essentially special privileges against the group it was claimed held such privileges against them.

tl;dr Until such a time as people learn to get the hell over and stop obsessing about the differences we have, there will never be such a thing as equality, merely legal one-upmanship to the detriment of all.
ByronicBionicMan in /r/bestof

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Poor The post is about how women's rights really means trying to get power over men. The TL;DR mentions getting over the differences sexes have, which is not mentioned in the post. The TL;DR is a much better and more concise point, but it makes a leap that the post didn't make.

Okay This covers the main argument that activists want special privileges, not equality, but doesn't explicitly mention feminism/men's rights or the author's original skepticism.

Okay This isnt really good as it isn't really summarizing points of the post, but its on the same page as far as content goes. Its also kinda wordy for a tldr.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr Men's rights and women's rights groups just want legal one-upmanship for their gender to the detriment of all.
tl;dr : I used to believe in feminism until my ex made false accusations of abuse and I realized that women are actually the more privileged gender.
tl;dr : American gender equality is power struggle of one group trying to get special privileges over another.

TL;DR #15

Helium is extracted as a by-product of natural gas refinement. There are no dedicated producers, just a handful of refineries in the world that were equipped with the means to collect and store helium. The shortage doesn't have direct impact on the population. The most direct effect it's going to be through MRI operators all over the world. It can get to the point that smaller hospitals will have to shut down their scanners because they will not be able to pay the rising price of the helium they need to cool the superconductive magnets. If you need an MRI you might have to drive further away because of that. Helium is also used to create an inert atmosphere for welding. Look around and see how many [wavy welds]( you see. Chances are that the metal was welded in an helium or argon atmosphere to avoid contamination from atmospheric air. TIG is very common on [quality manufacturing]( Chemistry research labs use helium constantly to run their nuclear magnetic resonance machines, which are used to identify molecules. NMR facilities process samples all day-long and shutting them down would slow down multitude of projects. Another use in Chemistry lab is on gas chromatography systems. Literally every lab in the world has at least two of them. When I say lab I mean the work groups in a research or clinical facility. For instance, if the Department of Chemistry in a university has 5 divisions and three research groups, they will have at least 20 GC machines running 8 hours a day, sipping helium. GC are also used in security check points. They're the machines that analyzes the round piece of paper that the TSA rubs around you and your belongings at the airport. Whether you should panic or not depends on how many degrees of separation you have with helium. I can assure you that MRI and NMR operators are panicking. They have to contact their vendors every week and get an estimate of how much helium they can get. Vendors are being able to guarantee supply on a monthly basis. And that's for clinical MRI scanners, which are being prioritized by distributors. Researchers have reluctantly accepted the fact that they'll be left without helium soon, unless the new production facility goes through the certification process quick. In my case, if I run out of helium, I can stay home, since I use it to cool the equipment I'm responsible for and we won't be able to follow up or diagnose cancers on our patients.

tl;dr if you're sick, manufacture welded metal assemblies or are a chemist, you should panic.
vic06 in /r/AskReddit

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Okay The TL;DR has the punchline but says nothing about the helium shortage.

Poor The summary fails to explicitly mention the helium shortage that's the main point of the original post.

Okay This is written in a different style/with a different standard of grammar, but captures the essence of the post exactly.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr if you're sick, manufacture welded metal assemblies or are a chemist, the helium shortage should make you panic.
tl;dr : Helium is running low, so you should worry if you're a chemical or medical researcher, an MRI/NMR operator or a welder.
tl;dr Hospitals, chemists, and those who manufacture welded metal assemblies have some reason to panic about the impending helium shortage.

TL;DR #16

I'll preface this with: It's obvious you're upset and lashing out about it. Go for it. That's natural, and this is one outlet for that. You can do it with at least some level of anonymity here, and little opportunity for repercussions. Is writing part of it? Definitely. But don't downplay the effort of the Airman, either. I've won every BTZ package I've written, but that was not because of my writing skills --- there has to be solid information to use when writing those bullets. I can't just make shit up and put it on paper. There are supervisors who will compromise their principles and lie on 1206s/EPRs, but I promise you it's in the vast minority. Airmen are competitive for BTZ on their own merit. Second, who cares if you didn't get the early promotion? It will literally have a near-zero effect on either of your careers (if the results were recent). Neither of you get a yearly jump on SSgt testing, and the difference in TIG between the two of you is 3 questions on next year's test. That's it. That is nothing in the grand scheme of things. And that's assuming both of you will have 5s on your EPR. If this was awarded in January, then your bitterness may have some bearing. That individual could test this year and you would not. Shrug it off --- later on when you test for SSgt, TSgt, and MSgt, there will be plenty of opportunities for others to pass you by (or you pass them on). It happens. Speaking of testing for SSgt: Study. Very few SrA bother with really studying hard for it, and it shows on the scores. If this Airman is such a dirtbag, he isn't studying for SSgt and you will. Guess which one will make it? I knew a guy who dirtbagged around the squadron when I arrived at my first base. We were both A1Cs. I'm now a line number for MSgt and he's waiting for 27 Jun to see if he made TSgt and gets to stay in the Air Force. Literally. He's a 15 year SSgt and will get his shit kicked if he didn't study this time (for the 6th time testing for TSgt). Go study. Get mad about this and earn your stripe. Additionally, and I promise not to scold you too much here, but why exactly are you helping fuck my Air Force by allowing shitbags to promote? If you had factual, provable information about him being high, and distributing alcohol underage, I'd help you walk hand-in-hand with him out the south gate and wave bye. You're covering for someone and I want honesty from my Airmen. I don't want to hear any shit about "Snitches get stitches" from anyone here. Our Air Force deserves professionals. That's it. You won't hear anything further from me on it. Finally, I hope you learn a lesson from this (after your rage subsides). I've seen bad decisions like this happen, and it's almost always because the chain-of-command worked with the information they had at the time; not because of malice or favoritism. Pure overt favoritism is actually pretty rare. Had the CoC known he was an alcoholic drug user, the situation might be different. Had you won the "supervisor lottery" as I call it, you'd have that stripe right now. But we deal with the cards we're dealt. The lessons I ask for you to take away: Never be in the dark about your Airmen. Know who they hang out with, where, and who they're fucking regularly. A person's company reveals a lot about their true character. Don't snoop or stalk; know them well enough that they're comfortable speaking with you about anything. Learn to write packages and EPRs as early as possible, and share/invite critique from your peers. I love writing-packages-by-democracy. Before I even knew what murderboards were, I would use a midnight shift to work my own/fellow SSgt packages as a team. We wanted our Airmen to win or get great EPRs. They deserved our team efforts. Learn now that the Air Force is not a meritocracy in every aspect. We scrunch the hard chargers and lowlifes together toward a median EPR-3. Your efforts alone affect WAPS testing. Almost everything else in all areas requires team work. Build a team around you that rocks. That was one of the lessons of basic training (teamwork). It didn't stop there.

tl;dr Study for SSgt and build a team around you of hard workers.
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Okay For such a long initial post, I believe the user leaves out key points in their TL;DR about how you need to know everything about their fellow Airmen. Otherwise, I think the user grabs the main points which is to study for the SSgt test and have good people around you.

Okay It doesn't include references to a lot of the advice he's giving the target of the post, like not letting this setback get to him, or be bitter about a colleague getting promoted over him.

Poor Misses many key points (this won't affect your career, report wrongdoers, know your airmen, everything requires team work).

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tl;dr Study for and pass the SSgt. Take the SSgt seriously. Find out everything that you can about your Airman and ensure they are good people. Build a team around you of hard workers.
tl;dr Don't be bitter about being passed over, don't let these setbacks get to you, your time will come. Work hard, study, and build a strong team around you
tl;dr This won't affect your career, study hard for SSgt, and report wrongdoers up chain-of-command. Know your airmen, invite critique from peers, and know that almost everything requires team work, so build a good team around you.

TL;DR #17

as a way to put me down Calling you by your first name isn't a "way to put you down." Calling you by your first name despite you asking to be called something else is a ways of getting under your skin. If you don't let it get under your skin, people like your old boss won't do it. i.e., Calling you by your first name isn't a put-down, pointing out that you're so thin-skinned is. Again, I'm not tying to be rude or say it's your fault; I'm suggesting that in addition to the other suggestions you've gotten here, you should also make an effort not to telegraph, let alone announce, that it's an issue for you. This is human nature, Psychology 101. We all do it to some degree or another. Laugh it off and people will find something else to focus on. If someone calls you by your first name or makes a joke about it, consider laughing with them. Give them an "[oh, you"]( laugh, say " yeah, heard it a million times. My parents are from Eastern Europe, so they had no idea when they named me, and most people aren't mature enough to handle it. That's why I go by [middle name]. " Then change the subject. Sign everything and introduce yourself by your chosen name, and when people use your first name ignore them just a little bit -- " Oh, I assumed you were just being foul-mouthed " or " Oh, I thought you weren't actually calling me since I go by [middle name]. " Even if you catch an asshole who's so bored that they feel the need to amuse themselves this way, they'll eventually get tired of it. As I said before, the diminutive for my name is Dick. In elementary and middle school "Dick" got under my skin, and people could tell it did, so it was "Dick, Dick, Dick" all day long -- "Dick" in and "Dick" out, "Dick" when I was coming and "Dick" when I was going. I couldn't turn around without getting some "Dick" thrown in my face. You could say that "Dick" was constantly being shoved down my throat. There was "Dick" constantly poking me, "Dick" constantly prodding me, to the point that "Dick" was constantly chafing my ass. Some days I got a little "Dick" and other days I was given lots of "Dick." There were theories as to how many "Dicks" my Mama had -- was I her only "Dick" or did she have a lot of "Dicks" all over? People wondered whether she might herself be a "Dick" and whether she could take "Dick" better than I could. There were days where the "Dick" wasn't so bad, and I was able to take the "Dick" I was given like a champ; the other days the "Dick" was so massive that it was as if I was taking the "Dick" for the first time, so much so that it felt I would be split in two by the thrusts and jabs of the "Dick" all day. And then they found out my middle name, which thanks to my religious father plucking out the name of a European middle-ages Saint, was as egregiously feminine by American school boy standards as the Saint's ideology, so you can imagine how that went. Then high school happened, and I stopped caring. >Yes, my first name can by shortened to Dick. Yes, I've heard it before. Yes, you should try harder -- if that's the best you can come up with you should be more worried about your creativity than my name. Oh, you like Dick, don't you? Why do you think my parents gave my that name anyway? It's because they knew I'd be so good at giving it. Just ask your Mom, she likes Dick even more than you do. I work with a Chinese guy named, and I shit you not, "Hung Jew." He will correct you if you're too prude or preemptively embarrassed to pronounce it right the first time -- " No, not Hang Gao. Hung Jew. Like porn star with menorah. Why American can't pronounce own language? " He'll then point to one of the Jews he works with and say "We cousins" and, if we're lucky, the Jewish coworker will respond " Yes, but unfortunately, on our side of the family, no one is Hung. " Hung projects a degree of "don't give a fuck" that is a palpable force -- he probably couldn't step foot in a physics lab because his "no shits to give" field is so powerful it would interfere with the equipment. No one makes fun of him. There's no point, he doesn't get the jokes half the time anyway (culture, language) and the other half the time he pretends not to (because smart), so when some newbie comes in making jokes, Hung Jew starts asking them questions about the joke as if they were serious, making it awkward as possible for the self-appointed jester. " Hung like donkey? No. That not even close to sound like Chinese name. My name Hung Jew. No "Like." You want copy business card to help you remember? " Then all the other developers, who respect his work product and thick skin, will make fun of the newbie, who will learn to shut up. My cousin was a fat bastard growing up -- he was so fat that despite losing weight the memory of his chubbiness makes those of us who grew up with him see him as more lard-ridden than he actually is nowadays. We make jokes and laugh all the time -- "what are you doing buying a medium tee-shirt, man?" And he'll respond with "Thank god for the diabetes, man, best diet I ever tried" (yes, he was actually diagnosed 7 years ago, he was hospitalized once over it, it was scary, and he dropped weight like the big stone he was). In middle and high school he not only got the fat jokes himself, it was the golden age of "Yo Mama" jokes -- in Miami , where mothers are sacred to most people and fists would be thrown at the slightest hint of an inclination to insult someone's mother. So they'd try to lay into him with "Yo Mama So Fat" jokes and he'd respond "I know! She's like 450 now! That bitch is huge!" and they would be confused, then see that he didn't care, then stop. So if your first name sounds like or is even literally spelled "Cunt" I recommend you roll with it: >" Hey Cunt, come here. " " Sorry, can't come right now, I'm getting slammed right now. Totally reamed. It's too much, too quickly for me to come right now. I might be able to come when things slow down. " >" Hey Cunt, I got something for you. " " Sorry, can't, I can't take any more, I'm stuffed. " >" Hey Cunt, stop screwing around! " " Screwing around? Not at all. I've never screwed. My mom didn't raise her little Cunt to screw. " Is your first name Phuk or Fook? Great: >" Hey Fuck. " " You. ... ... ... Yes? You were looking for Fuck? Were you were asking for Fuck right now? " >" I need Fuck right now. " " Right here and right now, or would you prefer in private? " >" Where is Fuck? " " Fuck, coming hard and fast, sir. " >" Hey Fuck, are you working on that project? " " You bet, I'm down to the hilt on it. You could say I've got it in the hole, and I'm pushing real hard to get it done. " >" Is Fuck coming? " " Always. " " Constantly. " " Actually, I already came. Twice. By the way, do you have any tissues? I'm all out. " >" You ok, Fuck? You seem kind of tired. " " Oh yeah, I'm exhausted. It's hard being me, so hard. People always want more Fuck, you know? I can never catch a break. It's just Fuck, Fuck, Fuck all the time, day and night. People push and pull and just can't get enough Fuck, it's like the whole point of their lives is to get some Fuck. " > " Fuck! ... Fuck! ... Fuck! ... ... ... Hey Fuck, I was calling you! " > " Oh, you were? I figured you were just trying to make coffee and spilled it on yourself again. You're clumsier than Fuck. " " Calling me? Really? It sounded like you got trapped in the bathroom again. Every time you go in there you can't seem to get your mind off Fuck. " " I know. I was ignoring you. The truth is, most people pay a lot more than you do for a Fuck like me. " " I need you to be more specific, sir. People call out my name out all the time, like they do Jesus. Does Jesus come every time you curse? " Jerk: >" Listen, Jerk, we think you have a lot of potential here. We just need you to stop being the same old Jerk so you can turn into the successful professional we all know you can be. " " Got it, boss. Jerk off, turn on. I'll get right on it. " Asshole: >" Does anyone know where my favorite Asshole is? " [You hold up a mirror at boss.] Dillweed: >" Where's Dillweed? I can never find Dillweed! " " Really, sir, after all this time? I would have thought you'd have figured out by now. " Boner (we knew a kid in school last name of Bones, his nickname for years was "Boner"): >" Boner! Where have you been, Boner? " " Urinating, sir. You know how hard it can be for a Boner. " >" Boner, are you always so hard-headed? " " Hard all over, sir. " >" Boner! Boner? Can I get a Boner? How come I can never find Boner? " " Sir, all I need is some encouragement and a firm hand and you'll be able to find me, standing at attention, whenever you need me. " Yeah, you can tell I woke up too early.

tl;dr there really isn't any legal advice we can give you at this stage. Short of an employer or coworker giving you grief despite your requests to the point that it becomes a hostile work environment, people can call you almost anything they want, especially if it's already your first name. You could change your name, or you could do what the others have said and try not to let it bother you so much, especially in such a preemptive manner that you're asking about legal options before you've even been hired, let alone harassed. People will joke -- if you can't handle that, you may have to move to the mountains. To be blunt, you're coming off as the type of employee that companies dread hiring, because you're not only making a big thing out of a little thing, you're making something up before there's something to make. The good news is that, depending on the field you're going into, most workplaces are professional enough that this kind of thing either doesn't become a thing or gets put down real quickly -- we wouldn't tolerate it at my company if the employee politely and professionally asked people to stop.
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Okay While the summary is good in that it gets at the main point of the post, the calling of names it also includes their own personal views. In addition, the summary includes an opinion on the legality of name calling that isn't in the main post.

Okay A. The summary isn't very succinct. B. The original post never mentions legal action. C. The summary doesn't mention all the anecdotes about people with funny names brushing off teasing, which make up most of the original post.

Poor The TLDR fails to summarize the overall point of the provided passage, and instead serves as a continuation of a conversation, including additional commentary regarding another user in the conversation, and commentary regarding social interaction at workplaces, generally.

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tl;dr You don't have the right to complain about name calling if you haven't asked to be called differently. If someone calls you by your first name it isn't an insult. You can learn to laugh about name calling to reduce the amount by which you are bothered.
tl;dr : It's not insulting for your boss/coworkers to call you by your first name. If your name sounds funny, you should just laugh along with the joke, like a lot of people I've known named things like Dick or Hung Jew.
tl;dr You should not feel insulted if someone addresses you by your name, even if it bothers you. Instead of becoming upset, try to develop a sense of humor; your life will be much easier.

TL;DR #18

Have you tried living on a standard 40 hours of $290 a week? What you meant to say was, "even minimum wage is enough to survive on for an individual." Also, key word here is individual. Also, depending on where you live, you still cant "make ends meet" on minimum wage. I live in Virginia Beach, minimum wage is $7.25, living wage for a single adult is [$10.43,]( which is already lower than the national average. And more to the hypocrisy point: long-term welfare is opposed by conservatives, who argue that "any government assistance should only be given as an opportunity to make it possible for those in need to become self-reliant." If you're already working full time and it's impossible to support you or your family without assistance programs, how exactly do you "pick yourself up by your bootstraps" and become self-reliant? You have no supplemental income, so you can never save up and invest. You're working a job that gives you no marketable skills, which only really allows for horizontal career movement. And you're spending all available time working, which makes networking, further education, or self-improvement next to impossible. So what we're looking at is a system where the government spends more than 131 Billion dollars a year on "entitlements," of which more than [9/10ths]( is spent on the Elderly, Disabled, and Employed. Meaning that we either have to accept the nature of "the welfare state" or accept that companies must pay their employees a rate at or above the standard of living. In this scenario, it is either/or. By simply opposing both, the only thing being accomplished is nothing at all , as the living wage increases with every year. Opposing both, as is the official stance of the Republican party, self-identifying conservatives, and conservative Libertarians, is only serving to hold back an inevitable tide. Living wage is only going to go up as the value of the dollar steadily drops, meaning that welfare spending is only going to continue adding to the deficit . The longer this goes on, the worse it gets and the worse it will be when the whole infrastructure in place collapses under the weight of it all.

tl;dr Maybe it's time to stop defending megacorporations with astronomical profit-after-expenses. They'll still be overwhelmingly profitable, and our Government wont be spending billions of dollars a year to allow them to utilize exploitative wages.
berserker87 in /r/politics

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Poor The summary includes information not in the main post (megacorporation's profit-after-expenses) and misses several key points (living wage vs minimum wage, supplemental income, marketable skills).

Okay The summary touches on the important part of the post but doesn't key into it as well as they could. The key aspect of the summary is minimum wage is too low. And to change the welfare state you have to raise minimum wage.

Okay The summary does a reasonably good job of summarizing the original post. The summary does not mention that the billions of dollars a year that the government is spending is welfare spending to support workers who do not earn a living wage.

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tl;dr Minimum wage is often well below living wage, meaning many don't have supplemental income, and must work jobs with no marketable skills and only horizontal career paths. $131b is spent on 'entitlements', so we must accept either the reality of a welfare state, or that companies need to pay employees above the living wage.
tl;dr As long as the minimum wage is below that of the living wage we are going to have a welfare state. The only way around the welfare state is to raise the minimum wage.
tl;dr Employers need to pay workers a living wage because otherwise government welfare spending will increase each year and add to the deficit due to the cost of living increases each year.

TL;DR #19

Both. Then get an A and a B flat. EDIT: If you can really only afford one, I'd go with the G. I think it's a better starting harp than even the C. The advantages being that it isn't as shrill as a C (so you won't have as much negative impact on innocent bystanders), it's much easier to learn blow-bends on the upper octave, and it would be more versatile for folk/blues playing (everything from Sonny Terry to Neil Young). The disadvantages would be that it can require more air/lung power than a higher key harp, but in the long run, this can be better for strength training/honing your skills. Like a runner wearing ankle wights. The D is a great harp and I recommend getting one, but the higher key is going to be even more shrill than the C and the shorter reeds will need more finesse to sound good (in my experience, anyways). But D is great for Rock and Blues stuff in the key of A.

tl;dr Harmonica keys G, A, Bflat, C and D are essential.
Yachtapus in /r/harmonica

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Poor This summary is making the opposite of the point of the original post, which was that certain harmonica keys aren't essential. They describe why some are much better than others.

Okay The user gives reasons in the full post why A, B flat, C, D, and G harmonica keys are good to purchase for a beginner.

Okay Though it does a great job directing the most important key's it doesn't give a further small explanation as to the why.

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tl;dr a G harmonica is a great starting one, and D harmonica is great for Rock and Blues once you get better.
tl;dr For a beginner, Harmonicas in the key of A, B flat, C, D, and G are all good to get.
tl;dr Harmonica keys G, A, Bflat, C and D are essential. G if you can afford, A & D for Rock/Blues, the others are just standard.

TL;DR #20

Between ketosis and still have the energy to run everything else. That being said, those diets can be dangerous. You need to bring in enough protein to keep up with gluconeogenesis making sugar from glucogenic amino acids (most residues do this). You also need to eat enough protein to keep up with ketosis making ketone bodies from ketogenic amino acids. This category is more exclusive, with the only two purely ketogenic residues being lysine and leucine (and are two of our "essential" in that you have to eat them to get them). Luckily some residues are both, so it's relatively easy to keep up with the dietary needs. You just eat a ton of meat and make sure you're getting any vitamins that you don't find in meat (some vitamins aren't kept in animal tissues in sufficient levels to be enough for our diets). So honestly with a bunch of protein and vitamin supplements, you should be OK. Your body might feel like shit though.

tl;dr It can be dangerous, but it's usually OKish as long as you're careful and know what you're doing.
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Okay The last sentence of the post is a better TL;DR ("with a bunch of protein and vitamin supplements, you should be OK. Your body might feel like shit though). It's not bad, but it's a little too simplified.

Okay The OP says that keto can be "okish as long as you're careful and know what you're doing" but I feel like they mentioned that it can be dangerous the TL;DR could have been a little more specific.

Poor The summary doesn't even mention that the main post is about keto diets. It also does not include what people should do in a keto diet to avoid the dangers of a keto diet.

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tl;dr It can seem complex and can be dangerous, but with a bunch of protein and vitamin supplements you should be OK.
tl;dr keto can be dangerous and you need to know what you're doing, but as long as you're eating a lot of meat and appropriate vitamin supplements it can be ok.
tl;dr Keto diets can be dangerous, but as long as you eat a lot of meat and make sure to get all the vitamins from vitamin supplements that you cannot get from meat, you should be fine.

TL;DR #21

It doesn't matter if a person has cheated before or not. Once you find someone that means more to you than yourself there isn't a person in the world that could get you to cheat. A person that has cheated before may be more likely to cheat on you, but you never know, someone who has never cheated could be just as likely. You say cheaters aren't worth dating because they have a character flaw and they'll probably cheat on you. People change. Arbitrarily eliminating someone from your dating pool because of how they acted in their relationship with another person seems shallow. Use your people judging skills to decide who you date, not their dating resume. Say you have a good thing going for while. Will that be your deal-breaker?

tl;dr date people for who they are, not what they were.
aprettygoodguy in /r/changemyview

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Okay The summary does not indicate they are judging previous cheaters.

Poor It's poor because it doesn't mention the main topic of the post, which is dating someone who has previously cheated.

Great The TL;DR is concise and represents the main point well

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr Just because they've cheated before, does not mean they will cheat on you.
tl;dr It's fine to date somebody who has cheated before. People can change, it is better to date them because of who they currently are rather than who they used to be.
tl;dr Date people for who they are, not who they were before. People change, after all.

TL;DR #22

CS:GO player here. First off warm up time in CS:GO is only in ranked play. Not only that it is 3 minutes I believe. Not 5. Secondly your number 1 suggestion will flat out never work. The reason CS:GO pulls it off is because they have small servers in a lot of different places. LoL and most other games have one large bank of servers all located in one area. I am willing to say that its 99% of a chance that smite also has the same setup. It is a lot easier to deal with that way. You may ask why. CS the series in general has always been focused on competitive play where the difference between a win and a loss can be 10-20ms. In LoL where its possible it is way less likely. Its why they didnt bother doing it. CS got it right server wise dont get me wrong. Its just cheaper to put servers all in one place though. Thats what I would assume anyways.

tl;dr 1 is impossible as smite only has large servers on 2 major continents rather then hundreds spread out everywhere. #2 is a decent idea but warm up in CS:GO is 3 minutes I think and only is active for ranked play.
HeroesNeverQuit in /r/Smite

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Okay The second sentence summarizes a main point of the post, but the first sentence substitutes "smite" (never mentioned in the original post) for LoL.

Poor The summary adds information that is not in the post. The summary says smite has servers on '2 continents'. The summary also misses the main point that a small of servers in a lot of different places is what makes CO:GO works so well.

Great The comment sums of the major points about of their comment. Their comments about warm up time in CS:GO and CS:GO server locations are represented in the TL;DR

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr Your first suggestion will never work because LoL has higher latency because it made the cost-saving decision to keep all its servers in one place, unlike CS:GO which distributed them globally. Also, the warm-up time for CS:GO is only 3 seconds, not 5, and only found in ranked play.
tl;dr Tl;'dr CO:GO works so well because they have a number of small servers in a lot of different areas rather than just one large server.
tl;dr Warm up time in CS:GO is not available in the ranked play mode. CS:GO have small servers located in different areas which allows them to do what they need.

TL;DR #23

I dual wield/bow. It really sucks to not be able to block, so investing perks into light armor is a must . Also, make sure and click both right and left hand buttons for a super attack with both weapons. I didnt realize that you could do this at first, and it upped my damage like crazy. Also, you may not be able to block, but if you time your attacks properly, you can smack their weapons before they hit you and make them stumble a bit. Its the closest thing to parry that you'll have. Although dual wield is very fun, I am looking very forward to my next character that I am allowing a shield or 2h. I do also enjoy alternating between bow and dual.

tl;dr Lack of blocking can be harsh, use many light armor perks, use dual power attacks. Edit: When I said light armor, I was making an assumption that you would be using stealth. Obviously use heavy armor if it suits you.
jay4523 in /r/skyrim

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Poor The TLDR addresses the message of the provided text, but fails to concisely summarize the message of the text. Additionally, the TLDR introduces new information in an edit, indicating the TLDR is being used as the continuation of the conversation, rather than as a summary of the provided passage.

Okay The start of the summary did not explain that the post was about dual wielding. Also, it lack the information about clicking both the right and left hand buttons for a super attack with both weapons, which I find important.

Great It summarizes the post well for how detailed the post is. The post gets granular with exactly how the game system works, so it's hard to summarize well.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr If your character build in Skyrim can't block, make sure to invest points in armor perks, and try to stagger enemies with power attacks.
tl;dr When duel wielding, be sure to click both the right and left hand buttons for a super attack with both weapons. Although you cannot block an attack, you can parry an attack by hitting your opponent's weapons before they hit you, which will also make them stumble a bit.
tl;dr Since I dual-wield/bow, it's hard because of lack of blocking. To remedy that, use many light armor perks as well as dual power attackss.

TL;DR #24

My cats Smokey and the Bandit are sneaky lil shites, their mom (and probably dad) was completely feral so I reckon they still have a lot of those instincts intact. They have a really bad habit of getting up on the kitchen counters when they think no one is around or looking. There was many a time where you would find tongue impressions in the butter or half eaten boiled potatoes on the floor (yes, in Ireland even our cats like the spuds) My personal favourite time is when I had been making dinner and heard my phone ring in the other room, I ran to get it but missed the call as i walked slowly back into the kitchen looking at my phone my spidey sense started tingling and I slowly turned my head to see Smokey on the table. Frozen looking at me with part of my tuna sandwich in her mouth, a good 10feet away from where I had been making it. As soon as I noticed her, and before I could react, she was out the cat flap like lightening. She had obviously tried to run but had been caught half-way and was hoping that while I was distracted she would wait till I walked past her before making a break for it. Hard to miss a 13lb Tortoiseshell kitty in the middle of an empty table.

tl;dr My cat thinks humans' vision is based on movement and tried to turn invisible while stealing my tuna sandwich.
melonhayes in /r/AskReddit

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Poor Only the second half of the post is about the cat and the tuna sandwich, so the TL;DR leaves out the first half. Also, the cat ran as soon as he looked instead of holding still and being "invisible".

Okay The TL;DR covers the end of the story (the cat tried stealing a sandwich and sat still to hide) but doesn't include the part where they left the room for a phone call.

Great This covers the main point (my cat stole my tuna sandwich) and also captures the original post's joking tone.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr My crazy cats love to eat whatever food they find in the kitchen, with one bolting as soon as I saw him with my tuna sandwich in his mouth.
tl;dr Left the room for a phone call and when I came back my cat had my sandwich in her mouth, sitting completely frozen seemingly thinking human vision is based on movement.
tl;dr My semi-feral cat stole my tuna sandwich, froze when I turned my head and caught her in the act, then bolted out the back door like a bat out of hell.

TL;DR #25

Firstly I will argue about a few things about Steve. > Also, just to get this out of the way, Steve is not city busting-ly strong. this. What some people think is that Steve is super strong because he can lift seven eiffel towers or some shit. no . That is "pocket space" not his strength. If we go with that logic than the people in GTA would be superhuman. that aside... > so this fight will run on the assumption that Steve is upper human in strength, and that block breaking and inventory are based on some kind of magic or ki or something. Well unlike the inventory thing the block breaking is a solid feat, and someone who can who can break one meter of stone in a second is beyond peak human. That aside... round one: Steve can get through(and survive) any attack that elsa hits him with. He is far to strong and durable to lose. round two: Well now you took the winner of the fight and buffed him by making him a lot more durable and gave him a sword so... round three: see round two. bonus round! I see Elsa making an ice castle to hide in and make an army of marshmellows while I see Steve mining and crafting lots. After the 30 minutes are done Steve would have iron armor, a diamond Pick, a fire aspect bow and some TNT and redstone. He could easily snipe and melt elsa's marshmelows and make himself a tnt cannon to explode her castle. Once she is out in the open, she has no chance against his ice-melting-fire-bow to his diamond pickaxe that can destroy a cubic meter of ice in 0.1 seconds.

tl;dr Steve takes round 1 with only a little struggle and sweeps all other rounds.
c4ptainepic in /r/whowouldwin

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Poor The TLDR fails to provide a full context which would allow a reader to absorb the full meaning of the provided passage describing a contest between two fictional characters. The addition of a phrase indicating which two characters are fighting would significantly reduce the ambiguity, which otherwise requires reading the full passage to resolve.

Great The summary is short but gets the main point, that after a slightly harder first round Steve will beat the other ones easily.

Okay The summary does not indicate how Steve got stronger in the latter rounds. The summary is satisfactory in the sense that you get the idea that Steve won in the end.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr Minecraft Steve struggles to beat Disney's Elsa initially, but Steve's advantages pile up and he eventually easily wins a fight against Elsa.
tl;dr Steve easily sweeps all rounds, especially after getting buffs following the first round.
tl;dr Steve wins round 1, gets stronger and repeats dominance.

TL;DR #26

The USA, USSR, Canada, and Europe are destroyed. There might be a rump USSR in Siberia, and I can't think of any place for the US government to retreat to. The Northeast and the West Coast are completely annihilated. The South probably is too. The Rocky Mountain states might survive, and they might not. The same with the Southwest. In Europe, Switzerland probably survives because it has a lot of farmland and the Alps can block the fallout. Ireland might survive, depending on how much fallout in can avoid. Same with Scandinavia. China will survive the initial war, but will either collapse or turn into a giant North Korea because of the influx of Soviet refugees and the food shortages. Japan has water protecting it from the refugees, see it may or may not survive depending on how well it handles the good shortages. Expect Tokyo to be nuked, but the rest of Japan to be spared. India will be protected from the fallout by the Himalayas, but it won't be able to handle the shortages. There will probably be a rump Indian state in the west and a Naxalite state in the east. In the Middle East, Israel may survive, but it will completely close itself off to the outside world. Libya will also survive. Even if Tripoli is destroyed, the Jamahiriya was extremely decentralized provinces could have easily taken over government functions. I actually see the standard of living in the rest of Africa improving. Communists will take over most of the continent, and as long as they act logically and don't do anything Derg or Pol Pot-like, they will probably be able to develop the countries. The dictatorships will collapse 40 or 50 years later and have a standard of living similar to modern Vietnam or Thailand. There will be a civil war in South Africa, and I have no idea whether the more numerous blacks or the better armed whites will win. Major cities in Australia and New Zealand will be destroyed, but the majority of people outside those cities will survive. Both of those countries will eventually form again in a few years after things have settled down. South America will be relatively unarmed. The various juntas will collapse and the countries will be similar to otl.

tl;dr Once everything settles down, these will be the remaining stable countries: Australia (with New Zealand as a state); a super power Brazil; a super power Argentina Chile Japan (maybe) Rump USSR in Siberia; not a super power Communist East India Switzerland Ireland (maybe) Nordic Union (maybe); major oil producer Gaddafi's Libya; major oil producer
Orcris in /r/althistory

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Okay The summary contains all the key points (the various countries the poster imagines surviving the nuclear holocaust and in what kind of general shape they'd be in), but adds some information not in the main post (oil production) and uses similar language to the main post. It could be more clearly written though.

Okay The summary is too long. It could be made shorter.

Okay I think the user does an OK job at summarizing which countries would be stable after a fictional, worldwide catastrophe. The user lists all of the countries that they mentioned in their initial post in an easy to read list format.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr US & Europe completely destroyed. Once everything settles down, these will be the remaining stable countries: Rump USSR in Siberia; Switzerland (Alps) & (maybe) Ireland and Scandinavia; Australia (with New Zealand as a state); a super power Brazil; a super power Argentina, Chile, and (maybe) Japan; non-super power Communist East India; decentralised Libya and better developed Africa.
tl;dr These will be the remaining stable countries: Austalia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, USSR in Siberia, Communist East India, Switzerland, and Libya. Japan, Nordic Union, and Ireland maybe
tl;dr TL:DR After the disaster these countries will be stable, Australia; Brazil, Argentina, Chile, possibly Japan, USSR, East India, Switzerland, possibly Ireland, possible a Nordic Union, and Gaddafi's Libya.

TL;DR #27

A lot of people basically have a denial problem when it comes to mental illness in the family. They don't want to admit that their son/husband/father/whatever has a problem. As well, there's a tremendous stigma against being forcibly committed, so people are very reluctant to have someone forcibly committed (if that's even an option). Worse yet, once someone's out of the psych ward, they can just stop taking their meds (and lie to their family about still taking them) until they snap. Many anti-psychotics have very severe side effects, that further exacerbate people's desire to quit taking them when they feel better. Plus, of course, for some people - the drugs just don't work, or don't work as well as you'd want.

tl;dr western civilization has a pretty messed up relation with mental illness, which leads to many people not getting or continuing proper treatment.
dethb0y in /r/MorbidReality

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Okay The OP doesn't really mention anything in the comment about how western civilization specifically has a "messed up relation" with mental illness (I think probably most of civilization does), and they mentioned some pharmaceutical-specific issues as opposed to broader societal ones in the comment which were important but didn't make it into the TL;DR.

Okay The summary sentence has missed out on the aspect of what exactly happens to those suffering from mental issues, for instance, what are some of the Side effects of those who have undergone the treatment and have eventually left it, mostly triggered by stigma and lack of enough support.

Great The summary encapsulates the idea pretty concisely and has the same idea as in the post.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr society has a pretty poor understanding of mental illness and how to treat it. People are still dealing with stigmas when it comes to hospitalization and treatment, and a lot of medicines and treatments are ineffective.
tl;dr TL:DR Mental illness has not yet been accepted in our societies, thus leading to lack of serious commitment in seeking treatment and eventually causing serious side effects to the patient
tl;dr : western culture often doesn't acknowledge mental illness, and when it does its usually negatively. This leads to people not getting the help they need.

TL;DR #28

Does this really need to be posted on Reddit for League to win? It's not about winning, it's about which f2p is the best. Of course you're going to get votes if you start throwing around links, but is that a real competition? If 400,000 LoL fans vote in a poll of what game is the best in the world, and say, the other half of the voters are un-biased, independent voters who have a mind of their own, who do you think is going to win? That's not a real poll, the results are highly skewed.

tl;dr let people who browse "mmobomb" vote, this "showdown" is already skewed enough by the loyal, brainless League players.
420dongerlord in /r/leagueoflegends

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Great The summary captures the point concisely and clearly.

Okay The summary does not mention f2p (free to play).

Okay This is written in a slightly different style, and has a detail in here that wasn't in the original post.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr : We don't need to bias the poll results by promoting links, let people vote naturally.
tl;dr Results are highly skewed because players already have their biases.
tl;dr Results are skewed towards LoL when only half of the votes are from independent-minded voters.

TL;DR #29

For the sake of argument let's say that "African American English" meets all the technical requirements for self-consistency that qualify it as being a separate english dialect. Even if that were true, it doesn't mean that it's a *good* separate dialect. AAE is a dialect that evolved out of poorly educated slaves and former slaves misunderstanding the proper use of standard american english, and is rooted in the horrors of racism, slavery, and Jim Crow, and it's a dividing element that makes fewer people in the world able to easily communicate with one another, and it puts the speakers of that dialect at a TREMENDOUS disadvantage since 99% of employers require their employees to be reasonably proficient at speaking standard american english, and 99.99% of middle and upper class jobs absolutely require employees to speak standard english well.

tl;dr even if AAE fits the definition of being a true separate dialect, that doesn't mean it's a dialect that is helpful for a person to speak, nor does it mean it deserves any respect.
breakneckridge in /r/WTF

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Okay The summary includes some key points (not helpful to speak AAE) it misses others (that AAE is rooted in slavery and is thus divisive).

Great This summarizes the author's (racist) point about AAE being a "lesser" dialect.

Okay It's possible that this person might be misunderstood as offensive with this, when it says "nor does it mean it deserves any respect."

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr AAE is rooted in slavery, racism, and Jim Crow, and it's divisive because it makes it harder for people to understand each other. It also disadvantages the speaker, because 99% of employers require American English proficiency.
tl;dr : Even if African American English meets the grammatical requirements to be a separate dialect, we should continue disrespecting its speakers because their ancestors were uneducated slaves and the powerful people in society speak differently.
tl;dr Regardless of African American English being considered a separate English dialect by many, it puts it's speakers at a considerable disadvantage.

TL;DR #30

I have spent thousands with coinjar, whilst it is reliable (as in you'll get your bitcoins), i wouldnt' be too hot to trust them, so store shit offline. Secondly, their support is terrible, they don't seem to really give a toss about anyone. I have gleaned this from a couple of instances, the most notable where they held a fair amount of money I transferred to them for days, without explanation (this wasn't a first transfer or anything, had done quite a few). I finally got it though (before support even bothered to get back to me) and when support did get back to me, it was more of a " bad...". They never gave a reason and don't think they even apologised and not a single shit was given.

tl;dr Can get bitcoins off them, don't trust for a second though edit: Just to clarify, I mainly use coinjar to get my coins.
TheNewHero in /r/Bitcoin

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Okay I think the summary is okay. It does mention how you can't trust the website, which is a majority of the post. However, it doesn't specifically mention 'Coinjar' in the beginning of the sentence, which is what this user is referring to. It is in the 'edit', but I still think the communication "don't trust for a second though" sounds like it's about Bitcoin, rather than Coinjar.

Okay The TLDR addresses the message regarding the user's opinion of a business, but the phrasing could lead the reader to assume the user is describing more than one business entity. Including the name of the business in the first portion of the TLDR would reduce the ambiguity, which otherwise can't be resolved without reading the original text.

Great The TL:DR is very concise and explains the use of coinjar while emphasizing to not trust them.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr : You can use Coinjair to get your bitcoin, but don't trust their storage and don't rely on their support.
tl;dr Coinjar is fine if you just want to buy Bitcoins, but based on their poor customer support I wouldn't trust them for anything else.
tl;dr Coinjar is a reliable place to get bitcoins, but exercise caution while using them due to bad customer service.

TL;DR #31

Wrong - at least partially but [they found MMA and Boxing gloves are equal]( There really isn't anything in it - Boxing gloves were designed to protect the hand and allow you to hit with less chance of breaking bones in your hand. However I feel the real reason boxers generally suffer more brain damage is because you can only really hit the head or body and are allowed to get up after being knocked down. MMA on the other hand encompasses everything, you can be choked, submitted, KO'd etc. If you get knocked down and are no longer with it the ref will step in during the flurry of punches. Boxing allows people to repeatedly get up from a situation which would have been game over in an MMA fight. > >

tl;dr Gloves are meant to protect the hands and MMA has less brain injury, partly because it's still a young sport but also because if you are rocked in MMA you are essentially out whereas boxing allows you to recover and keep going at it. Plus not all MMA fights end in KO's :)
ENWOD in /r/soccer

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Great They do a great job covering all of their points in the TL;DR, just in a shorter sentence.

Okay This has the essence of the post fairly exactly, but adds details that aren't in the post.

Okay The summary provides the general gist of the post. It is poorly written, in grammatical terms.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr Gloves are for protecting hands not heads. MMA has less brain injury because once you go down you stay down, while in boxing you can get up as long as you're able.
tl;dr Boxing gloves protect the bones in the boxers' hands, and MMA fighters are less prone to brain damage than boxers due to boxers being allowed to repeatedly get up and keep going.
tl;dr The differences in gloves aren't the reason why MMA fighters have less brain damage than boxers. Boxing is more oriented to strikes to the face, while MMA has much more varied styles that don't necessarily result in head trauma.

TL;DR #32

Can we clear something up, as a huge, online community of both cyclists and automobile-users, right here and now, with no further repetitions of the same whiny memes going both ways every week or so? We can? Cool. Car, SUV, Truck, Automobile drivers: You're in a very-well protected vehicle. If you get into an accident with a cyclist, it sucks. You're likely to suffer any number of minor injuries, you have to deal with insurance claims, your children, family members, etc, have to deal with it too. It sucks. But you gotta realize that cycling is many, many people's only method of transportation, and they pay to use the same roads as you do. I'm not talking highways and other high-speed roads, I'm talking regular, get-yourself to work lanes, drives, avenues and boulevards. Cyclists have to use these roads with people who are texting/eating/drinking/etc. while driving. They have to share the roads with people who take unnecessary, deadly risks to get where they're going two minutes faster. They're dealing with people who will literally get angrier at not getting to go as fast as they want than they get at rapists murderers and thieves. Also, cyclists can't go from 40-0 and back to forty in a matter of ten seconds. Momentum is big, and can make all the difference in their ride. Inclines mean little to you. Rough road patches mean little to you. Bad weather means little to you. But to cyclists, all these things represent significant challenges to getting to work, home, etc. So the next time you're at the bottom of a hill, and a cyclist blow through a stop sign, think about how difficult (and sometimes dangerous) it would be for that cyclist to stop, versus how hard it is for you to wait an extra SECOND. The next time a cyclist is taking up the whole lane, think about the difference in consequence level between the two of you if you sideswipe them. Above all, just remember that Cyclists (and motorcyclists for that matter) have to play by different rules on the road to survive, and that they have every right to be using said roads on their bikes as you do in your vehicle. Just take a breath, be grateful that you have the opportunity to press your foot down slightly to go fast and slow down, and that you're 100x more likely to survive an accident than they are. for Cyclists: Don't be an asshole. It's that easy. Time your stop signs and red lights so that if you blow through them, you're not putting yourself or other road-users at risk for an accident. Use signals if you have to. Be very clear to vehicles in your immediate area as to what you're about to do before you do it. If you're on a busy street, try and go as close to the speed limit as you can safely. Don't cut anybody off, unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. And most of all, keep your tempers in check too. If EVERYONE on the road paid a little more attention, communicated better, and had more patience with each other, we wouldn't have to put up with nearly as much shit, and the roads would be way, way safer.

tl;dr Drivers, be cool, you kinda gotta be the gentle giants of the road. Cyclists, be cool, use communication and reason when on busy streets. That having been said, I'll see everyone next week when someone posts "The number of cyclists running stop signs is too damn high", or "Scumbag Steve-Takes up whole lane on bicycle, doesn't go the speed limit"
TransientReddit in /r/AdviceAnimals

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Okay The rating is ok since it gives a balanced review on the both parties under discussion and conflict, however it has unnecessary additional information and examples.

Okay The summary is good but it contained a salty line at the end that isn't part of the summary. The actual summary was only the first half of the TL;DR.

Great They do a good job in summarizing their lengthy post regarding cyclist/driver behaviors and don't miss any key points.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr All road users are equally responsible for each other's safety on the road; though the magnitude of how much a motorist or cyclist is going to work for an ensured safety might differ at any given time.
tl;dr cyclists and drivers need some mutual understanding. You're operating with different sets of road rules and drivers have the physical advantage. That said, cyclists need to communicate as much as possible with everyone else. Everyone's paying to use the same roads.
tl;dr Drivers, be cool because you're very well protected. Cyclists, be cool, and use communication and signaling when riding.

TL;DR #33

The best parties I ever had were back in my community college days when my parents would go out of town for the weekend. The only left me alone twice and I was caught both times, but I would do it again if I could. Small town in the south; there's not much else to do but go to wherever the big party is on that particular weekend. On the night of my second party, a good friend of mine (let's call him Clint) had too much rum and spent most of the night stumbling from group to group in my yard talking too loud and giving out high fives. Clint spotted a few of my ent friends packing into one of the many cars lining the driveway. He want to see whats going on, so he stumbles over yelling for them to let him in. They don't want to vent the hotbox, so he starts wallowing all over the car door and eventually starts groaning and licking the passenger window while a trippy Katie tries to get the fuck out of the front seat. They found me a few minutes later to fill me in on the zombie attack in the front yard. If that wasn't enough, one of the asshole rednecks (they know how to party) decided my friend needed a fat dip of grizzly. Now Clint is spending his last bits of consciousness with a mouth full of tobacco falling down his face and shirt. By the time I saw, he was laying face down on my garage floor puking like beached whale. One of my more productive drunk friends grabbed our big floor squeegee and slid that shit out while Clint was still producing. A not-so-drunk EMT friend eventually got him to a shower were he spent most of the night. My favorite part about Clint's experience was when he walked in on me and my girlfriend the next morning looking for his precious georgia bulldog belt and asked if things got crazy last night. No memory, no hangover, no problem.

tl;dr Friend became a stumbling tobacco zombie before creating a river of puke in my garage
TravisB5643 in /r/AskReddit

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Poor The summary mostly talked about the ending of the story. It didn't talk enough about the most surprising parts.

Great The TL;DR is a pretty funny and accurate description of the story. He got really drunk at a party and got sick to his stomach because someone made him eat chewing tobacco.

Great The summary doesn't acknowledge Clint does not remember his antics.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr Community college days. Friend got too drunk at one party. Had to clean up after him. He didn't remember any of it.
tl;dr friend got ridiculously wasted and turned his stomach inside out in my garage during a college party
tl;dr Friend does not remember his drunken antics from wild party consisting of too much rum and puking.

TL;DR #34

Time to beat the dead horse! No, but seriously. I have a very wide scope of interests and friends. I have friends that casually get on their computers so they can chat, and I have friends that hardcore game with me all the time. Skype lets me talk to both groups with one application. I don't even use the voice chat all that often unless I'm playing games with people, and my less-than-good laptop can still run most games at a steady enough framerate with Skype going. Bandwidth really isn't an issue for me either, so that's not something I need to worry about. Skype is good at what it does. I don't have a smartphone, but I use Skype like I imagine I would a smartphone: large amounts of text messages, and the occasional phone call, all without a large phone bill. It allows me to chat with most of my friends without imposing upon them a new voice service that they would only use to talk to me. It's just not worth the hassle. Besides, Skype comes preloaded on a lot of computers now, making it hard to convince people to make the switch. TS and Vent are great programs, but they're not very good at keeping a group of contacts to chat with.

tl;dr Skype fits my needs perfectly, letting me communicate with my friends with very little issue in compatibility. I have multiple circles of friends, and they all use Skype. Why force them all to move to something else? I don't know all of their friends, they don't know all of mine, it's just easier.
sylfire in /r/AskReddit

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Great It's a good summary of the post. It's a summary of the positive reasons for the user to keep using Skype rather than switching to another program. The only things missing are the descriptions of different use cases when using Skype.

Okay The summary contains most of the key points in the main post (good compatibility, different circles of friends, different needs and wide use of Skype), but adds in some irrelevant information at the end (adds in information about friends not knowing others' friends).

Okay In my opinion, the question "Why force them all to move to something else" is not needed in the TL;DR and it just makes the comment longer. The TL;DR otherwise does a good job of talking about how Skype fits his needs as he interacts with different groups of friends.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr I have a varied set of friends that I can talk to using Skype. Skype has great performance and a large userbase and that keeps me from using another program.
tl;dr Skype lets me communicate with my friends with very little issue in compatibility, through voice, video, and text at no cost. I have multiple circles of friends, and they all use Skype, so it'd be hard to get them to switch.
tl;dr Skype allows me to interact with different groups of friends in a variety of ways without obstacles.

TL;DR #35

You're right. The Qur'an does say we know very little regarding Allah. You mean the soul... >However, the Qur'an and hadiths do not state 'the concept of Qadr and volition is unknown'. Instead, Muhammad attempts at explaining the unclear verses. I am not going to repost the hadiths, scroll up. What you keep repeating is that we are subject Qadr/destiny etc, you keep ignoring what I keep stating: That the soul somehow is still responsible for its own actions!! I keep saying this, you keep telling me "oh but this hadith says predestiny etc". I just told you they all apply, yet the soul is reponsible for its actions in a way we don't understand. I can do the exact same thing, this time I'll spam scripture about how we have free will: >[He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed - and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving - 67:2 Why is God testing us if we're not responsible for our actions? >And inspired it [with discernment of] its wickedness and its righteousness, He has succeeded who purifies it, And he has failed who instills it [with corruption]. Why is God attaching success to those of us who purify it, and attaching failure to those of us who are instilling our souls with corruption? The Qur'an clearly says that we are responsible for our own actions... yet destiny still applies. As I said before, this has to do with the soul. We don't know how, but the two are compatible because of the soul. [HINT: You need to rebut this point, or else you're just repeating what you've been saying for the past few posts] >The Qur'an and hadiths are either contradictory or unclear. And that's where I think the issue boils down to. It's not even an issue of amalgamating free will with determinism, since nearly every verse discussing volition signifies either pure predetermination or free will. Perhaps because these hadiths are being translated into english, and words like "predetermination" are being used. The correct word is Qadr and variant words. >Sahih Bukhari: Book 54: Beginning of Creation Hadith 430 (Volume 4) Narrated 'Abdullah bin Mus'ud: "Allah's Apostle, the true and truly inspired said... what has been written for him decides his behavior..." He's an excessive drinker. Regardless of his intentions, he will always be an alcoholic. It is Allah who Has written his deeds, and these are the deeds that decide his behaviour. It's not the intentions that determine the actions and behaviour of an individual, it's what has already been written and preordained. Same answer as before, the soul is responsible for its deeds in a way we don't know, this is left ambiguous. Again, supporting the classical view that intentions we are responsible for: >Call them by [the names of] their fathers; it is more just in the sight of Allah . But if you do not know their fathers - then they are [still] your brothers in religion and those entrusted to you. And there is no blame upon you for that in which you have erred but [only for] what your hearts intended. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful. Can we leave it at this? I'm kinda tired of this debate.

tl;dr Qadr applies, yet we are responsible for our deeds, this has to do with the soul yada yada.
uwootm8 in /r/islam

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Okay This post is hard to pick apart because a lot of it seems to be responding to someone else's points, but this TL;DR does summarize the main dispute about whether actions are predestined or souls have free will.

Great The TL;DR captures the essence of the argument and leaves out all the hadiths/scriptures he quotes.

Okay The summary mocks the writer with 'yada yada'. However, it touches on what is an important concept in the main post, that of responsibility.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr : The Quran says that souls are responsible for their actions, or it wouldn't make sense for Allah to judge people. Your argument about predestination relies on unclear passages and mistranslation of the word Qadr.
tl;dr Yes, Qadr means that there's predestination, but we're still responsible for our own actions. I'm done here.
tl;dr The soul is responsible for its actions. The Quran says destiny still exists and this has to do with the soul.

TL;DR #36

To the best of my knowledge there are three ranking systems. First is enlisted. These ranks are the "stripes" you see. Private basic is an Enlisted rank 1, or "E-1". Private is E-2, Private First Class is E-3 and so on until Sergeant Major/ Command Sergeant Major at E-9 (There are Senior Enlisted Advisors as well). This dude was claiming E-5 which placed him as a Sergeant. Next is Officer rank. The first is a 2nd Lieutenant or O-1, then 1st Lieutenant O-2 and so on until General (4 Star) as O-10 (Again special circumstances warrant a 5-star general). So a Lieutenant Colonel is and O-5 not an E-5. Finally there are Warrant Officers, from what I understand they are sort of in limbo between Officer and Enlisted. They are technically enlisted members, but go through specialized specific training. An Officer is kinda good at a lot of things, while a Warrant Officer is very good at one or two things. Their ranks extend from Chief Warrant Officer 1 through Chief Warrant Officer 5.

tl;dr This dumbass said he was an E-5 which is a Sergeant instead of an O-5 which is a LTC. Anyone who has been through basic would never make that mistake. Hell anyone with internet access shouldn't make that mistake.
carri1933 in /r/quityourbullshit

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Great This post covers the main point of the post, that there are two parallel ranking systems for officers and enlisted and anyone who's ever been in the military should know that.

Okay The first sentence captures the main point of this post pretty well. After that, the summary adds a couple unnecessary sentences insulting the person, when the original post didn't include any insults and wasn't in an insulting tone.

Okay The summary does a reasonably good job of summarizing the original post. I feel that instead of using an acronym like LTC, which most people would not understand, it would have been better to have it spelled out as Lieutenant Colonel.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr There are three ranking systems in the army - enlisted, officer, and warrant officer. This idiot said he was an E-5 (enlisted) instead of an O-5 (officer), which instantly tells you he's never been anywhere near the military.
tl;dr someone claimed to be an E-5 and a Lieutenant Colonel, but E-5 is a Sergeant and O-5 is a Lieutenant Colonel, so he doesn't seem to understand the ranking system and his claim is unlikely to be true.
tl;dr The person was lying about being a Lieutenant Colonel because saying that he was an E-5 would make him a Sergeant. A Lieutenant Colonel would have been O-5.

TL;DR #37

Judging on the pictures I've seen on the website and the presentation of each collection its gonna go like this: when you buy a watch say you want the Sport, choose size 38 or 42mm, then color silver or space gray, then a sport band (all colors to choose from green white blue black or pink). Boom you bought your watch. They'll probably have an accessories area where you can but straps separately as they encourage customization. So basically you buy your watch by choosing the band designed primarily for that collection, then buy additional straps separately. Note that the sport band for the Edition is different than the Sport, as it has gold buttons (same for the difference between the Edition modern buckle and the "regular" Apple watch modern buckle, one has gold features the other doesn't). Sport band (for Sport edition): Sport band (for Edition, notice the gold button):

tl;dr Watches will probably be sold with the band that was designed for that collection, additional bands can be bought separately.
always-sleeps in /r/apple

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Okay It does a good job of distilling a very detailed post explaining the process of the strap selection when buying an Apple Watch. Each purchase is based on the strap being sold with the listing.

Great It covers most of what the post is talking about.

Okay The post says that you will choose a band (in this case, sport), and then once you choose that you'll have more options. It misses the point that, while there are probably some designated band designs, the buyer will still initially probably choose one out of several.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr When buying an Apple Watch, choosing from the different editions determines the type of band that goes with the standard watch face.
tl;dr Tl:dr You buy a watch band with the Apple Watch but you are probably going to buy a different one for customization.
tl;dr Once you choose a watch, select a Sports band for that model. You can probably customize the watch by getting other Sports bands for other models if you want something different, but that's done separately.

TL;DR #38

I am of the school of thought that if the game contains mechanics conducive to farming, and if you go through the trouble to write a script to farm something, you should be allowed to farm, no questions asked. I've been playing MMOs for over 12 years. I was peer-pressured into buying my last couple of MMOs (SWTOR and GW2), and now that I'm a crotchety old man (in his mid-twenties), every MMO seems exactly the same to me: "Welcome to [lore], hurry up and [grind]!" My friends are happy to spend hours a day grinding. I feel like I've done it all before; I'll grind, get to endgame, PvP with my friends, and we'll move on to something else. Scripting to bypass the grind? Now that sounds like fun. I get to hone a skill, it's more engaging and rewarding than "the grind," and in the end, I don't fall behind my friends. Not to mention the fact that I've freed up hours/days/weeks of my time that I can invest in other projects. Unlike the people who are botting to either A) Be malicious, or B) Make money ...the only reason I bot is to play with my friends without doing "the grind." I don't believe in sharing bots online; if you didn't write it, you haven't earned the right to use it, in my opinion. I haven't yet botted in GW2, but I wrote a nice little bot for SWTOR that got me suspended for a week until I refined it. > Why can't you just level up with your friends? Do "the grind" together? Great question! My friends are happy to spend 3-6 hours a day grinding (8-16 on weekends). I don't have that kind of time, so while I managed to play with my friends for the first night, by the third night I was playing with my friends' alts, and now I'm just a burden to play with :P Sure, they upscale you in WvW, and we'll all hop in the queue at the same time, but the queue pops 45 minutes later, and by that time I only have half an hour I can invest in the game.

tl;dr I have botted to keep up with my friends, and I think if you're gonna bot, you should write the bot yourself.
brotorious in /r/Guildwars2

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Great This is accurate - he talked about wanting to write bots to skip the endless (so very endless) grinding in MMOs so he could spend time on other things but not fall behind his friends, and also stressed that you should be writing your own bots, not getting them from other people.

Okay This person believes that automating actions in a video game is morally neutral as long as you write the software yourself and you aren't using it for malicious activities or to make money. Their TL;DR misses out on some of their points, like the fact they think botting is bad if you do it maliciously or to make a profit.

Okay This succinctly summarizes the user's main points about bots, but doesn't quite capture his condescending tone.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr It's fine to write your own bots to bypass the grind so you can actually enjoy the game, as long as you're not being malicious.
tl;dr I have botted to keep up with my friends. I think botting is fine as long as you write the bot yourself, and as long as you aren't using it for malicious or monetary gain.
tl;dr The ability to write bots should be considered a subcategory of gaming skill, so they should be allowed as long as you wrote them yourself. It helps me keep up with my friends, who spend a lot more time gaming than I do.

TL;DR #39

zato_ichi and Leisureguy hinted at blade coatings. Although I think all Stainless Steel blades are coated, not all coatings are the same. Two of the common "high end" coatings are Platinum and PTFE (basically Teflon). Also there is the factor of where they are made. It seems most blades in reality only come from a few different plants around the world. I am slowly discovering that most blades labeled as Platinum seem to give me some irritation, especially platinum blades from St. Petersburg. This includes blades like Astra and Gillette 7 O'Clock Platinum (dark blue). Most blades made by Lord in Egypt seem to work for me.

tl;dr watch for words that identify coating and where the blades are made, try similar blades
if0rg0t2remember in /r/wicked_edge

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Okay The summary gets the general idea, but they mention a couple specific coatings and locations in the post that should be included in the summary.

Okay This is on the same topic (blade coatings), but doesn't capture any specific details from the post and makes up other specific details ("words that identify coating").

Great It gets across the point that it is not the brand but where the coating for blades and the blades themselves come from that can help identify which blades to buy.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr Platinum and PTFE are two of the most common high end blade coatings. Ones made by Lord in Egypt are good quality.
tl;dr Blades can be coated with platinum or PTFE. The manufacturer matters - I find most platinum blades irritating, but not the ones from Lord in Egypt.
tl;dr Watch for identifiers for where the coating and blades come from. Try similar blades.

TL;DR #40

In my town there is a HUGE body shop that has dozens of employees. I had recently backed into a car and needed my rear bumper replaced. I also needed my front bumper replaced because someone backed into my car a week after. The insurance company for the guy who hit me told me that I would get a check for the big shop's estimate, and that I could go wherever to get the front bumper replaced. The estimate for the front bumper came out to be $1800. I took my car to a small family run shop and their estimate came out to be $1850 for both bumpers. They also fixed it that week, and the big shop wouldn't have been able to for over a month.

tl;dr Got a check for big shop's estimate for front bumper. Small shop fixed both bumpers for the same price. Get a second estimate.
Sheldon_Tupac in /r/AskReddit

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Okay The TL;DR hits all the main points of the story, although the end part doesn't quite match

Great The summary concisely presents the key idea of the post. It leaves out the anecdote of the guys car getting roughed up but I dont consider that an important point being made here.

Great The summary gets the main points of the original post and was able to articulate the takeaway message that the author was trying to convey.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr Got a check for big shop's estimate for front bumper. Small shop fixed both bumpers for the same price and in less time. Score.
tl;dr : my bumpers got jacked up. Insurance sent a check for big shop's 1 bumper estimate but a family shop was able to fix 2 bumpers for the same price.
tl;dr needed to get my bumpers replaced, and the small family-run shop was able to fix both for the same price that the big shop would charge for just the front bumper. They also got it done weeks sooner. Try to get several estimates.

TL;DR #41

I'm saying that the average is skewed and a terrible system to use. The "average" american male's height is brought down significantly (or brought up significantly) due to race. You're comparing a very diverse ethnic group to a very homogenous one. It's like comparing grapefruit and lemons. They're sort of similar, but you don't want to be eating a lemon for breakfast. In order to properly compare, you need to separate out the MANY American ethnic gropus. So, compare your groups of white males to our group of white males, not your group of white males to our group of every male. This is why people think that everyone in the middle ages only lived until 30 because that was the "average" life expectancy. No, most people made it to 50-80.... but when infant mortality rates are so goddamn high it drags the numbers down significantly.

tl;dr Average is a terrible tool that doesn't create an accurate comparison. It's a highly incomplete data set.
CrystalElyse in /r/funny

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Great The rating is an index of how well the tl;dr represents the content of discussion. Average is an entity with multiple factors influencing how a judgement on a certain subject can be rendered, therefore it doesn't always hold in making conclusions on multifaceted topics.

Okay The original post was about how the "average" is badly skewed if you lump different groups together, even though the TL;DR doesn't mention the original content.

Great The summary doesn't touch on why average is a poor tool to create comparison. It gets the point across that it is a poor tool, but leads the reader to just read the entire post.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr Average is usually a mathematical idea for uniform factors, it is not ideal to use for multifaceted input data for a meaningful conclusion.
tl;dr You can't compare apples to oranges with an "average" and say that it's good. You have to compare similar data sets for it to be worth anything.
tl;dr Height can be influenced by ethnic background, so averaging heights of all males is not accurate

TL;DR #42

While I'll tell people that I'm a reclusive geek, the reality is that once I get a bit out of my shell, I'm very outgoing. A flight attendant had noticed that I was using a new (at the time) kindle, and asked me about it. I showed her the cool parts about it, how easy it was to get content, some of the bad parts, and making her laugh many, many, many times during this process. We start to talk about other things before the flight boards, and she asks me if I have a card. I give her two business cards, she writes her number on the back of one, tells me that she had a great time chatting with me, that she was recently divorced, and that she's based out of Chicago, and that I should call her sometime. We board the plane, and what's normally a full first class cabin on this dreary Wednesday redeye from San Francisco to Boston turns out to be just me and another guy. My new friend was working back in coach, but, she made it a point to bump into me when I was boarding, making quite a few return trips up to the First Class flight attendant, making cutsie comments every time she'd head back to her section of the plane. Fast forward about an hour. We've been in the air for about 30 minutes, I've had my first round of drinks, and the captain has turned off the Fasten Seat Belt sign. I get up to stuff myself into the tiny lav and drain the lizard, and when I get out, my cute FA and the lead FA are chatting in the Galley. I ask for a Coffee (to which she asks me if I want some kahlua with it), and the First Class FA tells me that she'll bring it to my seat. As the FA brings it to my seat, we hit a few bumps of turbulence, and I get some hot coffee spilled on me. Said FA flips-the-fuck-out in apologizing mode, runs up to the front and brings me some ice water, and towels to start cleaning up the mess. Calls the cute flight attendant in the back to come up and help...who then realizes it was me who has hot coffee all over his clothes. I mention that it's not a huge deal, I've got an extra outfit in my carry on, and she looks at me dead in the eye and says, "I know the bathrooms are tiny. I'll pull the curtain in the back galley and you can change there if you'd like some more room." By this point in time, I was completely out of it -- lack of sleep from consulting rush + drinks at the airport + drinks on the plane == sleepy me. My 6'4" tall frame sluggishly walks down the aisle to the back, looking at the sleeping passengers, cute flight attendant in tow. We walk back there, and she's telling me where I can sit stuff and where I can't sit stuff, what I can touch and what I can't touch, and then stands on her tiptoes and kisses my cheek. I drop my bag, pull her closer to me, kiss her back, and then grab onto her butt. We get really hot and heavy for a few minutes -- until the other coach FA asks if I'm ok...and mention that I'm still changing. I change into some sweats, cute FA grabs onto my junk, and tells me she's going to be in the lavatory waiting on me. I change my clothes and head to the lav. I find her on the sink, panty hose off, Hair down, dress off, bra on, panties off to one side fingering herself. I learned a few very important things from this experience: When you press the flight attendant call button in the Lavatory, press the button again to cancel the light from blinking. You really don't think about the hygiene of the bathroom when you're going to town. A BJ at 35,000 feet? Heaven. A flight attendant that swallows at 35,000 feet? Marriage material! While we didn't....fuck...we still had enough fun...and I ended up dating her (and engaged for a year) until we broke it off -- and while I never again flew on a flight that she was working, we would fly together often and make many, many, pointed sexual jokes to each other about how we should have fucked in the bathroom and gotten our mile-high club card.

tl;dr Got a BJ from a cute Flight Attendant on a redeye. Dated her afterwards.
imroot in /r/AskReddit

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Great This summary catches the main point of the original post

Great This is actually a very good TL;DR. The only thing potentially missing is that the author is usually reclusive but this time got wild, and also that they almost got married.

Okay This covers the key event of the post (hooking up with the flight attendant) but makes up details that weren't explicitly in the original post (what kind of sex act they performed).

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr - I got a BJ from a flight attendant, dated her for some time after until we broke off
tl;dr I'm generally reclusive, but got a BJ from a cute flight attendant on a redeye once. Dated her afterwards, almost married.
tl;dr : After a flight attendant accidentally spilled hot coffee me, another flight attendant let me change my clothes behind a curtain and we ended up hooking up and eventually dating for a while.

TL;DR #43

Getting a new and more relaxed job really help diminish the stress eating (whole large pizzas with extra cheese and mountains of Chinese food, yikes I know). I grill a lot and really like doing different marinades on chicken. I plug in everything I eat into My Fitness Pal. I pack all my lunches to work and spend at least one evening preparing a bunch of food for the week. The hardest thing to avoid? Sweets... This time of year there are a lot of cookies and things out at work and when I go home to see my parents. I had hoped that I'd just never want that stuff again, but if it's in front of me I will eat it. (It's my newest challenge.) Otherwise I stick to a 1200 calorie diet with lots of veggies, fresh fruit and lean protein. I did find out that I was lactose intolerant and now can drink lactose free milk (sometimes blended with plain Greek yogurt and frozen berries for the after workout food) without feeling like I was going to explode. I have been able to avoid fast food and have saved lots of money in the process. I love to cook too, so it's been a fun challenge. I'd rather make my own things so I can adjust how much sodium is in things (for example).

tl;dr I get really talkative when it comes to food. The diet is going well with only a few splurges on cookies or going out drinking with friends.
themostimportantleaf in /r/progresspics

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Great The summary misses how the calories are tracked and the benefits of eating healthy.

Okay You miss out on OP's problem with binge eating with family and friends. You also miss out on knowing about them realizing they were lactose intolerant and choosing to eat more things like greek yogurt and frozen berries as a snack.

Great The TL;DR is pretty good - the whole post is about how their diet is going well, but they make a lot of comments about food in general (which is the joke they've added to the beginning). The joke isn't necessary, but it sums it up well!

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr Track your calories, avoid sweets and fast food, save money.
tl;dr I realized I'm lactose intolerant and I'm now making healthier alternative choices when it comes to food.
tl;dr : Diet is going pretty well - the only time I splurge is socially or for a few sweets.

TL;DR #44

If your morality is based on the being in question having human DNA, then I'm rather worried about your morality. Assuming you think it acceptable to painlessly kill animals, would you deem it acceptable to murder an alien life-form of human intelligence just because it isn't human? Beings "count" morally, not based on their bodies, but their minds . Aborted foetuses aren't sentient. They have no intelligence, no self-awareness, no consciousness - they have no greater mental capacity than the animals we eat. They have the genetic code of humans, but so what? A human body is just a sack of chemicals; it's the mind that counts morally. People tend to have averse reactions to abortion because it feels like murdering a baby, which humans are obviously strongly averse to - but we should take moral gut feelings with a pinch of salt, as our base emotional reactions have flaws (for instance, the ability to morally ignore enemies in war). That foetus is not conscious, and that's what counts.

tl;dr It may have human DNA, but it doesn't have a human mind, so it doesn't count any more than a sperm cell.
LogicDragon in /r/changemyview

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Great The summary misses the comparison to killing animals or alien lifeforms.

Okay The meaning of the TLDR can likely be inferred by an average reader, but adding additional context would make the meaning of the TLDR clearer. As the passage in this case refers to an aborted fetus, including this information in the TLDR improves comprehension without substantively increasing the length of the TLDR.

Great The summary is excellent in that it brings forth the main idea. However, it leaves out the discussion of a fetus.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr Aborted fetus is different from killing animals due to lack of mental capacity.
tl;dr A fetus isn't a human in the same way a skin cell isn't a human; the fetus lacks consciousness regardless of its DNA.
tl;dr Having human DNA is not important when deciding on questions of morality. The beings mind is what matters. A fetus ' is not conscious and there for doesn't play when regarding questions of morality.

TL;DR #45

Always look for more opportunities for your career. No matter what your job is! This is one of the best pieces of advice my family has given me. When my grandpa was at NYU for his MS in Structural Eng, he had $25 in his pocket and applied to a crap ton of jobs. He accepted one but always was on the look out for more. Eventually, he left his initial company for URS (a year out of grad school).

tl;dr keep on applying to jobs even if you have one secured. You never know when the perfect opportunity will appear.
akopanicz in /r/EngineeringStudents

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Great This covers the main point (always be applying for other jobs and trying to move up) while abstracting away the details about the author's grandpa.

Okay The summary contains some of the key points (keep on applying, you never know), but misses others (grandfather's example).

Great The comment is saying that even if you're employed, you should always be looking for new jobs in case something better comes up, and that's what the TL;DR says.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr Always stay on the lookout for opportunities to advance your career, like my grandpa, who kept applying to jobs even while employed.
tl;dr Always look for opportunities, no matter your job. My grandfather applied to a crap ton of jobs out of grad school, accepted one and then left for URS a year later.
tl;dr even if you're currently employed, you should always look at jobs and keep your eyes out for the perfect opportunity.

TL;DR #46

I feel for ya, I work in technical/customer support for Console/PC games. We deal with these guys all the time. ~Backstory~ this guy has been calling in for a week and has spoke with all of our Tier 1 agents. We have a personal policy where if a fucking curses and ends a phone call any manager requests are canceled. Each time he would curse a T1 out then end the call. We were about to block his number due to the last call he spend 2 minutes cursing the agent out but he calls back before we could. Treated our agent like a king and got his manager callback (me). Asshole:I bought X game at Wal*mart but there is a game breaking bug that was addressed a day after the game launched but I has no internet refund money now Me: Sorry sir you need to go back to the place of purchase and follow their refund policy on the game or simply take the system to an internet connection for a one time patch. Asshole: NO! That is not customer service! A monkey can do your job, just give me my money back and I will send this POS back to you. Me: Sir, since you purchased it from Wal*mart they have your money. You need to follow their refund policy. Asshole: What if they don't give me moneyz bac? Me: Well then Im sorry but you would not be able to get a refund and you would have to resell the game as used or get the latest update. Asshole: I want to speak to someone high then you. Me: There is no one higher then me that you can directly speak with but I will submit a request over to the correct departments. Asshole: Fuck your company, you can go fuck yourself and I hope you family burns in hell. Call Ends My manager calls me up and lets me know this guy contacted corporate. I explain what he was doing on our end and the guy said sadly we have to do something for this guy. Manager tells me to offer the guy ANY title even our newer games. Keep in mind this game was only $15 as it was kinda old. I call the guy back Me: Hey we your issue was discussed by our higher ups and they gave me the ok to offer you one of our titles as a free replacement, you do not have to send the other one back as well. Asshole: Ya I know I had to call your boss to get him to get you to do your fucking job. Id like X game, you will be shipping it out priority mail right? Me: No sir, all our mailing is done by standard USPS. Asshole: Wow! I pay so much money for your games and you cant even send me a game I am untitled to at priority shipping? Fuck this company. Call Ends Gawd this XBone is going to suck so much...

tl;dr Guy buys game that needs a day 1 patch to run correctly but does not have an internet connection and calls for a refund. Bitches enough to get a free game.
Wasabicannon in /r/gaming

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Great This captures both the main events (guy finds bug, harasses tech support, gets free game) and the exasperated tone of the original post.

Great The TL;DR hits all major points and is excellent

Okay The summary does a reasonably good job of summarizing the post. The only information that was lacking was that the customer was using a lot of profanity during the call and also refused to return the game to Walmart, where he got the game, for a refund.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr : Idiot doesn't understand how to install a game patch or that he needs to ask the retailer for a refund, gets rewarded with free stuff for abusing tech support.
tl;dr Guy buys game that needs a day 1 patch to run correctly but does not have an internet connection and calls for a refund. Bitches enough and goes up to corporate and gets a free game. He's still ungrateful.
tl;dr Customer doesn't have Internet to install a patch to a video game, demands a refund in a profanity-laced rant, and receives a free game.

TL;DR #47

Aesop Rock style superinterpretation: > Chillin' in the house with the first fruit tia First fruit refers to the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Tia represents original sin as she will prove to be the downfall of the narrator. > trying get a dolla with her flow It is work to get with Tia. Her name is short for Tiara as she acts like a princess that must be waited on hand and foot. > red red everywhere I don't know where to go, I just know that this bloods gotta flow Tia, a Latin princess (OG girlfriend of a Latin King), is kicking it with the narrator who is a member of the bloods. He is flowing (rapping) about the situation in his head as it occurs. > shouldve put my head in her throat, but its too late A reference to the classic circus act where the performer sticks his head in the lions mouth. It's too late though as the lions mouth is closing and the narrator has no time to escape. He is severly fucked at this point (figuratively of course). > She's menstruating She has decided to leave the narrator (the blood). The blood is being expelled from her person hence menstruating. Massive fucking wordplay here. > at loose i learned down her plate, now everything is straight its almost like unfaith-uh Her plate is the collection plate at the church where the narrator underwent extensive therapy for his homosexual urges. Now everything is straight is him saying he's been "cured". "It's almost like unfaith" is an allusion to his antichurch feelings after being extensively abused during his sexuality correction immersion. > on to the next one, he was really fun After the princess leaves he meets a man at a discrete location, he is not cured after all. > OH im talking about her SON The man is actually her son, shyamalan plot twist. He is on the downlow. > she was laying dead over her bapes, then i understand all of my hate He has murdered his only heterosexual relationship which now lays dead (over her bapes(shoes)). As he is with a man again he realizes the depression he has been feeling is hatred toward those who have wronged him. > she got the game ball like golden tate When he was with a woman he was emasculated (she got his balls). Golden Tate is a WR for the Seahawks so that's just some wordplay. > as i hit the shot slight on the state The narrator has orgasmed while thinking about all this. The state is short for real estate. His sexual encounter is in an abandoned property. > i just had a pack her leaving He's kicking her out as soon as he gets home. He's had enough. > though i had her cut herself, justin bieber Last time he did this she threatened to kill her self. Justin Bieber is a killer reference to the recent cutting for Bieber prank on the internet. > finally got the weight off my chest, got these eyes off my cleff He is feeling better after the realization. Cleff is what denotes the pitch of a song and occurs at the beginning of a staff. It represents his new start with a new outlook. The eyes are the onlookers he no longer cares about. > im talking blue teal trying to get a feel Blue Teal is the name of a gay club downtown, get a feel self explanitory. > forreal, my game aint real He doesn't have a lot of experience picking up dudes. > hit my balls at the seal He's grinding on dudes but can't get past their seal (zipper) once he leaves the dance floor > heres my offering, deal or no deal, im in this booth for do what you gotta do to to make it true Self explanitory, a proposition for sex > now its time for the gather all your kids and all your friends...follow feel and be off the new trend Impromptu orgy obviously. Orgies are a new trend at the clubs downtown. > flippin birds and murdering races Flipping the bird (fuck off) is obviously fucking. Murdering races is talking about how the orgy is like really racially diverse and he's getting with everyone. > delete your profile, get rid of all the traces After he leaves he realizes he can't continue in the bloods as an openly gay man so he deletes all the numbers he collected from dudes throughout the night > now youve covered all the bases He thinks he's home free. > and the days hit home, for the rest of the song He returns home to live out his life, the same old song and dance as always. He is not happy.

tl;dr This is a verse about a repressed gay dude who finally realizes who he is but decides ultimately to hide his true nature out of fear of gang retaliation. This is some mad deep shit for a freestyle.
Vsx in /r/makinghiphop

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Okay Really it is difficult to summarize lyrics without mentioning they're lyrics, but then adding a compliment at the end about it is out of character.

Great The TL;DR takes a complicated song and explanation and gives the conclusion of it.

Great This explanation does an excellent job summarizing this breakdown of a rap song's lyrics.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr In a rap about a gay guy who realizes who he really is, he decides to hide himself in order to avoid retaliation from a gang.
tl;dr The freestyle is about a repressed gay dude who flirts with homosexuality, then fears the gang and tries to cover his tracks. He returns to normal life and is miserable.
tl;dr : This rap song is about a man who has an unsatisfying sexual encounter with a woman before realizing he's gay, but must stay closeted out of fear of violence/shunning.

TL;DR #48

I would be very interested in this; I have been looking for a while as well. The site that mirrors it most closely would be the DayZ DB map, which unfortunately does not have the Arma3 maps on it. However what it does have is a nice UI for navigating and some nice map symbols. However it still needs some polishing in the implemented map marker system; you are able to place markers of your own, but I find this difficult and clumsy, especially when trying to edit one if said markers. Overall however I think they are on the right path, but need a bit of help. Since you said you were interested in making such a platform, my best bet would be to send those guys an email detailing and ask if they need any help and/or would be willing to upload those arma 3 maps.

tl;dr Something like the DayZ DB map is what you're looking for, but as of yet no arma 3 maps are on it and the marker system could use some polish. HTH!
Nanne1337 in /r/armawasteland

Raters: how good was the original tl;dr?

Okay This summary captures most of the main points made in the original post. The only thing it missed is a piece of advice about reaching out to the specified group of people to ask if they'd like to work together.

Great This summarizes the main points of the post (this is similar to DayZ DB and the marker system needs more work).

Great It lists the most important parts of the post. It answers the question in the beginning.

Raters: generate a tl;dr of your own.

tl;dr The DayZ DB map is the closest thing to what you want, but it's missing the Arma3 maps and the market system needs some polishing. The team that built it may want some help finishing it, so try reaching out to them.
tl;dr This is an interesting project with a lot of similarities to DayZ DB but with arma 3 maps. Consider reaching out to the DayZ DB team to collaborate, and also maybe work on improving the marker system.
tl;dr The DayZ DB map is what you're looking for even though it doesn't have any Arma3 maps.

TL;DR #49

I feel like they're all over reddit. I'm sure a search or two would bring something up. Personally, I would just get to school and take all the prerequisite classes and see what you like. I was in your shoes not that long ago myself. I thought I was destined to be a CS major. I had taken some programming and web design and really enjoyed both. When i got to college I took the necessary intro classes and worked my way up. Eventually I took the two intro to CS classes and found that I felt like a sheep. The department is trying to weed out to find the very best of the best in programming to admit into the department while everyone else who just has to take the courses for another degree get screwed over unless they spend way too much time on the course. Luckily I was interested and able to do well but it just was not fun when it took hours upon hours to fix something that would take the TA 2 seconds to point out but wouldn't because its a CS class. After about 4 CS classes in total (and a minor life crisis) I realized that I didn't like CS made the jump to EE and never looked back. For those who want programming and such there is still plenty of programming at different levels. For some its just MATLAB and others its C. Just depends on what EE specialization you go into. Plus plenty of other majors besides CS/EE program such as Math or Physics. I know a good number of Physics majors who have come to the EE/CS department to get their Masters. I've also found that a lot of the people in the CS department are douches. They were all the kids who never show up to class, brag to everyone that they never study, walk in and 4.0 every test for their entire life. Now stick 20 of them in a class together and the douchiness rating can get quite high. Granted, not everyone in the department is like that. I have some good friends that are quite normal and balanced people. But there are still plenty of douches in the department who think they are the shit. As far as the fat money goes, just ignore that part for now. Find something you like to do and then later figure out how to make money out of it. If its anything computer related there will be money one way or another.

tl;dr Get to school, take the prerequisite class, see what you enjoy, and follow that path. If you have more questions just reply here or feel free to msg me.
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Okay It's almost great, but would be better if it also included that you should figure out how to make money out of what you like after you find out what you enjoy, like it says in the post. This is important to the main point.

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tl;dr Get to school, take the prerequisite classes, see what you enjoy, and follow that path. Figure out how to make money from it later.
tl;dr Try prerequisite classes and find your passion, worry about money later.
tl;dr Take the prerequisite classes, try some things, and see what you like. Once you got that, figure out how to make a living from it.

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When my Boston Terrier was young, I taught him to ring a bell on the door to let me know that he had to go do his thing. I would pick up his poo with an ivy leaf and throw it in the ivy next to my apartment. He got clever and just started going in the ivy. No more messy work for me. As he got older, I would just let him go down and do his thing knowing that there was no mess to clean. I would leave the door cracked and he would open it up when he came back up the stairs. I got tired of getting up and closing the door when he came back in, so I taught him to go to the backside of the door, jump up and put his front paws on the door and lean to close the door. It worked.

tl;dr My Boston Terrier learned to ring a bell, go potty, come back inside and close the door all by himself.
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Great The summary hits all the points in a consistent tldr format.

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tl;dr : My Boston Terrier learned to do ring my doorbell, do its business, and close a door on its own.
tl;dr My dog learned how to ring a bell, do its business, and come back without leaving me a mess.
tl;dr I taught my Boston Terrier how to ring a bell when he wanted to go potty, how to go potty where I don't have to clean up, and to come back inside and close the door by himself.